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  1. YCC officially announces Spring Fling lineup

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    The Spring Fling lineup is officially out, and it features — surprise, surprise — 3LAU, Passion Pit and T-Pain.

    The three-part lineup leaked online in March. The new website features bios of the headliners, as well as the three openers — Jamestown, The First Town in America, A Streetcar Named Funk, 9 Tigers — who won WYBC’s Battle of the Bands competition Tuesday night.

    A quick roundup of the performers: T-Pain is a two-time Grammy-winner who’s famous for songs like “Buy U A Drank” and “Bartender” and for his use of auto-tune. Passion Pit hit it big with 2008’s “Sleepyhead.” 3LAU is a DJ and current student at Washington University in St. Louis who serves as the official DJ for fratmusic.com.

    Gates to Old Campus will open at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

  2. 3LAU, Passion Pit, T-Pain coming to Yale, website says

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    3LAU and Passion Pit are slated to perform alongside T-Pain at Yale on April 24 — the Tuesday of the spring term reading week and the traditional date of Spring Fling — according to a listing on the concert website songkick.com.

    Neither 3LAU’s nor Passion Pit’s website lists concerts at Yale this spring, though Passion Pit will perform in Clifton Park, N.Y., on April 23. Early Monday morning, Yale College Council Events Director Katie Donley ’13 declined to comment on whether T-Pain will be playing Spring Fling.

    3LAU is “a 21-year-old House/Bootleg/Remix producer from Las Vegas, Nevada,” according to his website. Deadmau5, Steve Angello, Porter Robinson, Avicii and Calvin Harris are listed as “key influences.” We’re intrigued. Listen to some 3LAU here.

    Passion Pit, best known for the 2008 hit “Sleepyhead,” formed in 2007 in Cambridge, Mass., and released its first and only CD, “Manners,” in 2009.

  3. YCC offers backstage pass for best logo design

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    Remember last year’s Spring Fling? Remember when Third Eye Blind played “Jumper,” or when Lupe Fiasco kicked off (or, at least, contributed to) a campuswide push against investment banking? You don’t?

    Regardless, here’s some good news: the Yale College Council is offering a backstage pass to Spring Fling 2012 for the student who designs the best official logo for this year’s concert. The logo will be featured on all Spring Fling publicity and merchandise, and the winning student will get to meet the performers, which could include the likes of Matt & Kim and the Ying Yang Twins, which will surely result in a great Facebook default.

    Submissions are due Friday, Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. via email to the YCC.

  4. Who the YCC wants to bring to Spring Fling

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    With the first (real) snowfall and beginning of second semester, winter is peaking. Unfortunately for the season, the student body just received the survey for the Spring Fling Openers reminding us of all the joys warm weather brings (namely no jackets and frolicking on old campus). Since we probably won’t get Blue Ivy or the live reconciliation of Russell Brand and Katy Perry, let’s look at the selection they offer us for openers.

    The range of possible artists includes high highs and some low lows and even some singers who are just OK.

    Now, I don’t know about the rest of the student population, but when it comes time to Spring Fling, my theory is that we all want to dance and get our energy up. Therefore, the idea of having a serenader is not at all appealing. By this logic, I was frustrated to see options like Toots and the Maytals, Frank Ocean (who, don’t get me wrong, is an incredibly talented singer, but not a guy I’m going to go crazy to see) and Tallest Man On Earth. I was going to make an exception for Lana Del Rey (because she rocks those videoooo gaaaaaameeeess) but as anyone who watched SNL on Saturday can tell you, she performs drunk.

    Despite those setbacks, the Spring Fling committee pretty much gets it right. Robyn and Childish Gambino are both amazing artists. Robyn is a fierce tiny blonde with shiny suits and dance ballads about boys and angst who shone during her live SNL performance a couple weeks ago. Childish Gambino, or as you may know him, that guy who plays Troy on Community/former writer for 30 rock/Donald Glover, super hip comedian, is a masterful rapper with a knack for topical lyrics (don’t believe me? he tells the females to “drop it like the nasdaq”). They both have excellent reputations for performing live.

    Waka Flocka, Taio Cruz and The Cataracts (do they come with Dev?) certainly need no introduction, and are popular enough that we hear their songs every weekend. Also possible:

    Super Mash Bro’s: just a couple of dudes and a computer mixing songs together like Modest Mouse’s “Float On” and Bubba Sparxxx’s “Miss New Booty.” Sounds like: Girl Talk

    Metric: a blonde girl singer with a couple dudes playing instruments in a pop/punk mix. You probably know their song “Black Sheep” if you saw “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” or that song “Gold Guns Girls” if you listen to alt radio. Sounds like: Paramore

    STRFKR: an amazing electronica band from Oregon with sugar-sweet music. Before you vote yes or no, be sure to listen to “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second.” Sounds like: (a much better) MGMT

    Santigold: a solo female cross between singer and rapper who’s music you may recognize from movies and TV but not the radio. Sounds Like: MIA

    Lykke Li: Another solo female artist with a much sweeter voice and softer songs that still have that dance edge. She collaborated with Drake on the song “Little Bit.” Sounds like: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

    Arctic Monkeys: This English indie rock band has been around for a long time, releasing their first album in 2006. Quirky lyrics and dancy as rock tunes can be, they have an excellent reputation for their live shows and if you listen to “When the Sun Goes Down” and don’t dance, I give you full permission to completely ignore everything I just said.

    All in all, solid list, YCC. We give you an “A.” Remember, voters, get educated before you Rock the Vote! Listen to YouTube clips! Open your minds! Then chill out and enjoy the ride.