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  1. So what’s that mystery ‘third building’?

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    UPDATE (2:01 p.m.): The links to the PDFs actually work now. Oops.

    The pretty PDFs we posted yesterday, courtesy of Robert A.M. Stern Architects, contained some never-before-reported details.  (As an aside: “moats” without water and alligators and sharp objects are not moats.  They are just depressions filled with shrubbery.) Here’s a rundown:

    Students in the new colleges need not worry about getting along with a roommate: ALL bedrooms will be singles. Suites will range from doubles to sextets. And while the new colleges will maintain the entryway system, every entryway will have a hallway connecting to an adjacent entryway on every floor (for use in case of fire or scary monster).


  2. Moving out in TD, with a ‘gansta rap’ to prove it

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    No Yalie likes moving out, and three freshmen in Timothy Dwight College — Josh Pan ’12, Max Uhlenhuth ’12 and Devin Smith ’12 — are apparently no different.

    Well, they are a little different.  Instead of just complaining about schlepping all their stuff into storage and tidying their suite before noon yesterday, they filmed a “gansta rap” about their plight.

    “Me, Max, Devin. Three Yale freshmen. Last day of school. Pent-up roommate angst. Fury. Rage,” Pan wrote on the Timothy Dwight Blog. “The only way to solve this problem? A gangsta rap.”

    “The filming of this video was intense,” he added. “Devin alone consumed 4 entire Dr. Pepper’s along the way. No animals were hurt in the making of this video. Except for one, and he had it coming. This was so much fun to make: the more we shot, the better we got.”

  3. Why do pancakes taste so good in the middle of the night?

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    For a few moments tonight, students in Silliman College stopped worrying about school shootings, final exams or swine flu.  The reason?  The clock had struck midnight, which could only mean one thing.

    It was time for breakfast.

    Scores of Sillimanders took a break from last-minute exam preparations to feast on a spread of buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and hash browns at Silliman’s breakfast-at-midnight study break. Silliman Master Judith Krauss, pictured above, manned the grill.

    More photos after the jump.


  4. Richard Lalli on the road to recovery

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    Still no word on exactly when incoming Jonathan Edwards College Master Richard Lalli, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in December, will be ready to assume his duties as master. But Lalli wrote to members of the JE community Wednesday morning, thanking students for their continued support and thanking interim Master Penelope Laurans for maintaining the “very high standards” of former master Gary Haller.

    “Following in their footsteps will be a daunting task for which I need to be well-prepared,” Lalli wrote. “To this end, I attend an average of four daily sessions of physical therapy (for walking and overall strength), occupational therapy (for arm and hand mobility) and speech therapy; large amounts of homework are required in order to relearn skills that once came so easily to me, like writing and singing.”

    Read the full e-mail after the jump.