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    It’s shopping period, but not just for classes — extracurriculars too. With the Extracurricular Bazaar, auditions, rushing and general meetings all happening all at once, you need to be aware that what you do will change your life. In four years, you might be someone different. Someone you hate. Someone you love. Someone you’re ashamed of. Someone you’re proud of. They say your major doesn’t mean anything, but no one said anything about your activities. WEEKEND is here to show you what you might become.

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  2. Phi Beta Kappa inducts 71

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    At the conclusion of the fall semester, 13 juniors and 58 seniors were inducted into Yale’s chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

    Admission to Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest honor society, is determined by the percentage of straight-A grades earned in college coursework. Yale taps students for the society in three elections that occur in junior fall, senior fall and at Commencement. According to national bylaws, no more than 10 percent of the graduating class may be elected in total.

    Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary and is the oldest collegiate Greek-letter fraternity. The Greek letters represent the motto “philosophia biou kybernetes,” or “love of learning is the guide of life,” and until the 1830s, inductees were sworn to secrecy. Since its foundation, members have included 17 U.S. presidents, 38 Supreme Court justices and 136 Nobel laureates.

    Read the list of Phi Beta Kappa’s newest inductees below:

    First Election Class of 2014:
    Michelle Jessica Bayefsky
    Benjamin David Crosby
    Marissa Christina Dearing
    Jun Luke Foster
    Geoffrey Tucker Kocher
    Leah Anne Latterner
    Katherine Ruth Lawrence
    Emily Trina Monjaraz
    Inho Mun
    Felicity Abaegael Orzel Sheehy
    Nicole Christine Shibley
    Margaret Bess Yellen
    Liang Yu

    Second Election Class of 2013:
    Nicholas M Adams
    Mostafa Amer Al-Alusi
    Kavitha Kaya Anandalingam
    Katherine Dana Aufhauser
    Daniel Fischbein Berenson
    Alyssa Marie Bilinski
    David Michael Carel
    Stacey Chen
    Willa Cordelia Fitzgerald
    Franziska Karin Barbara Goer
    Mo Gong
    Aaron Hakim
    Amelia Elizabeth Hassoun
    Reuben Abraham Hendler
    Orlando Javier Hernandez
    Ian Lawrence Hoffman
    Allison Kelly Hugi
    Syed Faisal Hussaini
    Mike Jin
    Chelsea Lynn Jurman
    Yuan Kang
    Shaffer, Lee Kennedy
    Kevin Alexander Lai
    Miriam Gumbinner Lauter
    Katherine Ann Levandoski
    Brandon Scott Levin
    Sibjeet Mahapatra
    James Gregory Mandilk
    Dakota Elaine McCoy
    Tess McNulty
    John Max Mikitish
    Ela Anna Naegele
    Patrick Regis OKeefe
    Laura Platzer
    Ryan Francis Pollock
    Joshua William Revesz
    Cameron Ellis Rotblat
    Samer Roy Sabri
    Faten A Sayed
    Erica Rose Segall
    Clare Suzanne Sestanovich
    Amalia Elizabeth Skilton
    Micheline Barbara Soley
    Merav Judith Stern
    Nora Banff Aurora Stewart
    Diana Stoianov
    Mack Yiran Su
    Natalia Meyer Thompson
    Rohit Thummalapalli
    Kyle Cameron van Leer
    Eduard Benjamin VanGelder
    Emily White Villano
    Gerald Jonathan Wang
    Luyi Xu
    William Ruxi Zhang
    Haibo Zhao
    Yuanchi Zhao
    Lucas Solomon Zwirner