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  1. Fire Department featured on SNL short

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    Though most Yalies don’t spend their Saturday nights inside watching “Saturday Night Live,” most would be proud to know that New Haven was part of last night’s “Saturday Night Live” episode, of which Maroon 5 lead singer and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine played host.

    The skit took place in a New Haven Fire Department house during a fundraiser event. Adam Levine plays a firefighter by the name of Jerry and casually talks with the ex-girlfriend of another firefighter, Bryce (played by Bill Hader). Kenan Thompson, also a firefighter, begins the scene conversing with fellow firefighter Taran Killam and brings the audience’s attention to the precarious situation, saying, “Oh, he is not gonna like that.” Killam responds with genuine surprise: “Really? Bryce seems like such a mellow guy.” At this point, Bryce storms in and rudely announces, “Hey, fellas!” while breathing heavily.

    The rest of the scene consists of a ludicrous meltdown from Bryce, filled with plenty of hyperbolic screaming at Jerry. Apparently, Bryce only dated his ex, Rula, for two weeks about nine years ago, yet he breaks down to the point of being attacked by an inanimate Dalmatian while trying to throw it out the firehouse window.

    The skit also features Bryce screaming “shut up” five straight times to the rest of the crew, dancing alone to electronic music and yelling, “That’s bonkers!” when another partygoer announces Bryce’s favorite show “Don’t Trust the Bee in Apartment 23” was canceled.

    Watching Hader crack up when he plays Stefan on the “Weekend Update” is actually funny, but watching him throw an adult tantrum for five minutes is something else.

  2. Fire Department plans to burn Christmas tree

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    On an average year, United States fire departments respond to roughly 230 home structure fires caused by Christmas trees. This year, the New Haven Fire Department has created an innovative solution to prevent these holiday-induced accidents caused by Christmas trees: Burn one.

    On Friday at 10:30 a.m., the NHFD will set a Christmas tree on fire at the New Haven Fire Academy to demonstrate how quickly fire can spread through a home. In addition to the blazing tree, NHFD Chief Michael Grant will offer safety tips for Elm City residents on fire prevention and offer free smoke detectors to attendees.

    “As everyone gets busier during the holidays, we often become rushed, distracted or tired,” Grant said in a press release. “That’s when home fires are more likely to occur. By igniting the tree in the demonstration, showing all residents how quickly fire can spread, we hope to save lives and prevent any further tragedies this season.”

    So, wherever you are spending this holiday season — whether you’re about to leave the stove and go Christmas shopping or whether you risk electrocuting yourself with Christmas lights — may the image of a burning tree be enough to prevent you from facing the same fate as the Christmas tree in tomorrow’s demonstration.

    Happy Holidays, Yale!