Time, Change and the Yale Daily News: A History

In January 1878, New Haven was suffering a dearth of news. As a semimonthly, the Courant could scarcely live up to its name. The Record, […]

The Sweep of South College: The Life and Death of Osborn Allston

At the corner of Chapel and High streets stands Vanderbilt Hall, one of the most prominent buildings on Yale’s Old Campus. Constructed in 1893, Vanderbilt […]

The Yale College sweeps

One August, Carter Wright slept in the mud outside a city called Petersburg. With 60,000 other men in the Union Army, he “burrowed ever deeper […]

The Lost Cause beneath our feet

In 1865, at the close of the Civil War, Yale was overwhelmingly northern, pro-Lincoln, and anti-slavery. In the 1860 to 1861 academic year, the University […]

Implicit silence on the suffragette movement

With its circular shape and glossy marble surface, the Women’s Table is a focal point of Yale’s campus. In the warmer months, it doubles as […]

The “most interesting address of the year”: News coverage of the Philippine-American war

On April 30, 1902, the Yale Daily News’ featured article heralded the “most interesting address of the year,” given just the night before. William Howard […]

Truth and its abdication in the News of the 1930s

Editor’s Note: This piece quotes the use of a racial slur.  Newspapers have an obligation to report the news as it is — to tell […]

In depths of Depression, News saw business opportunity

  In the 1930s, Yale students lived in one of the University’s newly constructed residential colleges, complete with lavish amenities including squash courts and printed-menu […]


The 1939-40 academic year began on September 25, as Coach Raymond “Ducky” Pond launched into a scrimmage on the field with his football team. The […]

Riots, fires and redevelopment: town-gown relations in the News of the 1950s

In a photo on the front page of the Oct. 13, 1958 edition of the Yale Daily News, professor Rollin Osterweis, dressed in a suit […]

Segregation, Cross Burnings, and “Misguided” Students: The News of the 1950s

Popular media has long characterized the 1950s as a decade of “Happy Days,” “Grease,” malt shops, sock hops and Elvis Presley. But this overlooks the […]