Reich's intense rhythmns captivate

An unusually large crowd nearly filled Sprague Hall for this month’s New Music New Haven concert last night. The reason? This installment’s featured guest composer […]

'1701' celebrates the spirit of Elihu

History weighs heavily upon the shoulders of all who gaze into the indelible black eyes of Louis XIV. He is but one of the many […]

Sade comes to the screen, leaves no one unscathed

We must not decontextualize the Marquis de Sade. He was a product of his epoch. Born in 1740, died in 1814, he was an aristocrat […]

Poe fresh, but haunted by monotony

Much like the subject matter of her namesake, Poe has decided to focus her creative energies on the dead, mysterious and supernatural. “Haunted,” the singer/songwriter’s […]

My editors wrote this horrible headline

I have beef, my friends. And I am not referring to my Texan penchant for consuming animal carcasses. I have beef with those tyrants known […]

African art show haphazard, contradictory

The Yale University Art Gallery has covered one of its first floor galleries with broken LPs, posters of “Shaft” and “Superfly,” and chalked Kongo graphic-writing […]

'Traffic' one hell of a ride

When “Erin Brokovich” hit theaters last February, more than a few critics concluded that director Stephen Soderbergh, the indie demi-god behind sex, lies, and videotape, […]

Telling the frozen North, 'Prends-le!'

I’ve always thought of Canada as a big cold place where people speak some strange version of French and all wear a lot of fur. […]

Meat Puppets stuck in a golden, but bygone, age

Remember the early 90s? — The death of sophisticated songwriting or the dawn of a music genre with integrity that would define a generation, depending […]

Despite Depp, 'Chocolat' hard to stomach

When a “sly” north wind blows open the doors of a village church in the middle of a sleepy Lenten service in the opening scene […]

BAR, supposedly top-shelf, ain't all it's cracked up to be

I’ve been against mesh T-shirts since I was a boy in a sailor suit. The world is a sad enough place, I say, without adding […]