Facing "Familiar" Dilemmas

Yet I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something out of place in the scene, something strange happening in the familiar surroundings. Perhaps it was the bright yellow Robert Mugabe portrait that Donald tried to hang on the wall without Marvelous noticing, his furtive actions often soliciting laughter from the audience; perhaps it was the thick Zimbabwean accent that still lingered in their dialogue.

WKND Reads Your Sexy Horoscope

Having put our faith in small talk, alcohol and Tinder, and having been consequently disappointed by each, WKND has since put our faith in the stars. And what do you know — they’ve disappointed us too! But that experience has left us with a working knowledge of sexy astrology, a gift that we shall now bequeath upon you, dear reader. Behold: Your Sexy Horoscope!

More Beautiful Than Untouched Snow

Whistler etched (and sketched) like the snow fell that week, his tiny strokes barely converging into powerful masses. The important difference, of course, is that his art—and the pieces performed by the quartet at the YUAG—can’t be stomped on by rubber boots.

The Blindest Date 2015

Dear Yale, Do you have carpal tunnel from swiping left so many times? Do you find yourself flirting with the waitresses at Mamoun’s because, hey, what […]

We Are in Good Hands

“Professor Gaddis, the fate of the Cold War is in your hands! You must chose: peace, or mutually assured destruction. Which will it be?” the delegates asked. The Professor paused. His eyes twinkled. One could see the power, the fire, the sheer allure of destruction in his kind, old eyes.

Doubleplusunusual Music

Newspeak is Yale’s newest jazz ensemble. The five undergraduates, Alexander Dubovoy ’16, Hans Bilger ’16, Eli Brown ’17, Harvey Xia ’16 and Emma Akrawi ’14, […]

Thanksgiving Break Snapchat Story Bingo

Ah, Snapchat stories. What did we ever do without them? How did we manage to let all our college friends know that we were having […]

Particle Accelerator, Human Decelerator

Yale’s particle accelerator may once have sent atoms flying through space at tens of millions of miles per hour, but humans clearly are a different […]

Mark Strand, 1934-2014

In 1968, Mark Strand wrote of his own death:

A Common Destination

Under a black velvet night, easily concealed by the fighting light emanating from the city’s thousand skyscrapers and the revolving red and blue of police […]

Art Redemption

In high school, I did an independent study in fine arts. All I really needed to do to get an A was show up and […]