One More Night at Broadway

POV: You're walking on Broadway.

Wendy Hamilton’s “No Frills” response to greed in the Elm City

Seventy-one-year-old Wendy Hamilton lives in a 750-square-foot apartment in Wooster Square, New Haven. She has no children, minimal belongings, and spends most of her days […]

Natalie Kainz Photo.
LATINX SPISSUE: Portrait on Grand Avenue

Cars rush past me as I wait for the 212 bus on the corner of Blatchley and Grand avenues in the Fair Haven neighborhood. The […]

Regina Sung Photo.
Out of the pan into the fire: jumping into first year

Meet Yale’s Newest Social Club: The Council of Davids

Illustration by Ariane de Gennaro
The Invisible Heroine: A Review of Leigh Whannell’s “The Invisible Man”

I waited months to see Leigh Whannell’s “The Invisible Man” after the film’s mysterious trailer left me with many questions. Elizabeth Moss’s  haunting look remained […]

A Review of Mac Miller’s “Circles”

Mac Miller’s sixth and final studio album, “Circles,” eludes rigidity and definition. It’s a “rap” album only half-filled with “rap” songs. It hangs its head […]

Testing out “The Happiness Lab”: A review of Laurie Santos’ new podcast

My first impression of Dr. Laurie Santos was not positive. It occurred during my Intro to Cognitive Science class, when Santos gave a guest lecture. […]

Feminism and the Future of Frats

Descending into the basement of 31 High St., Genevieve Esse ’19 had never felt more aware of an unbalanced gender ratio.

Black River Reclamations

This summer, working with the Forest Service in South Central Appalachia, I had several first-hand experiences with a river of death, as I talked to […]


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