On California

A few New Englanders here have told me that I give off East Coast energy. Maybe I have just adapted to Yale. Or maybe I […]

On Beards

New Haven’s magnolia trees blossom. Under these aesthetic petals, a friend and I eat lunch. The sudden heat of spring invites rosy talk of summer. […]

Espressin’ some thoughts on coffee

For years, I’ve held out. All the cool kids around me started doing it. I resisted, remembering my mom’s reminders not to cave to peer […]

Good Things Come in Threes

I’ve spent most of my life in trios. Maybe it was the Hermione Granger in me trying to find herself a Harry and a Ron, […]

Love is Blind: Infatuation with a Faulty Premise

When a car crashes, you can’t look away. When a fuschia pink Lamborghini Aventador SVJ speeds off the highway, crashes into a ditch, catches fire […]

Brains and Brawn: A Ranking of the Residential College Gyms

I’ve been asked to rank the residential college gyms, but first of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that Yale has upwards of 12 different gyms.  […]

The Pink Magnolia in the Branford Courtyard

A little over a year ago, I wrote about how much I appreciated my friends. I titled the piece “‘In these people, I have everything […]

If you love me, you will listen to boygenius

If you’re like me, you probably teared up on the first listen of “the record,” boygenius’ debut album. The ones who get it, get it. […]

Please Let Us Have Sex in Peace

My name is Jane Park, and I’m in first year in Pierson College. Like “The P in Pierson College stands for Pierson College, the I […]

How do I search for truth in a place that feels so separated from reality?

This past winter, as a senior in high school, I realized I had grown out of my space. I felt enclosed by my daily habits: […]

A Last Look at a Hidden Hippie Hideout

Group W Bench, which fashions itself as “the oldest running head shop on the planet,” is an unmistakable sight along Chapel Street –– so unmistakable […]