“I Definitely Didn’t Plan For This To Happen”: On Finding Love at Yale

Of course, there will be none of the usual festivities this Valentine’s Day: no a cappella performances, Valentoads trips or romantic candlelit dinners. But here […]

Love in the Time of COVID: A Window into Yale Students’ Use of Dating Apps

In a typical year at Yale, dining halls and libraries are teeming with people, making it easy to scope the scene for a potential crush […]

At the Wooden Table: Making Up for Lost Time

I’ve never had to think twice before singing. I don’t have to learn how to match certain musical notes each time I hear them on […]

STRANGERS: David DeRuiter Is Just Getting Started

A turtleneck, a blue jean jacket and perfectly white high-tops: not a page from a retro Converse ad, but rather the go-to outfit of David […]

Flowcharts, Friendship and Fitting In: LGBTQ+ First-Year Diaries

Ever since quarantine lifted, I’ve been getting home at around 2 a.m. almost every night. Even on weekdays, I take the long late-night walk from […]

Please Do Not Touch the Art (or Each Other)

My friend and I entered the atrium of the Yale University Art Gallery and found ourselves surrounded by the numerous sculptures and statues. The light […]

Reuben Induced Reflections: Black Joy in the Age of Cancel Culture

That moment of weakness is always triggered by a midnight burst of Zoom fatigue. I’m sinking into my L-Dub couch after a day of formulas, […]

Until the Bitter Weather Passes: Reflections on Pinsky’s “Pleasures”

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry. — Mark Strand, “Eating Poetry” “Essential […]

A Runner’s Guide to Yale and New Haven

As we launch into the stress of a new school year that just so happens to be occurring during a pandemic, perhaps there has never […]

In a Pandemic, First Years Vlog, Trade Milk and Fight Loneliness

When Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum ’24 first arrived on campus, she wasn’t met with the crush of cheering upperclassmen who would normally help first year students in […]

When an “Anti-Technology” Class Goes Online

Early last spring, professor Adam Van Doren was teaching students the art of watercolor with his usual level of interaction. “I’d look over their shoulder […]