I Think “Nuevo” Means “New”

Pacifico is a pretty punchy place, or that’s what it feels like it’s supposed to be. Its bright orange walls are laced with stripes of […]

A meal built Briq by Briq

It is an understatement to say my dinner at Briq was a culinary marathon. We began with a slow start. I arrived a little after my reservation time, only to discover that our table was not yet ready. About 40 minutes later, we finally relocated from our refuge at the bar to a small table near the front of the restaurant. With flickering candles and brick walls, the space, long and narrow, reminded me of a more pleasant (and lively) interpretation of the “Cask of Amontillado,” except this cavern had food, drink and company.

Thick, Goopy and Awesome

Walking into Heirloom, all my fears are confirmed: The jeans and flannel shirt weren’t sufficient. Hey, it has a collar! Heirloom, a large, dimly lit restaurant with massive windows, exudes refinement and a polite, appropriate amount of warmth. I am nervous.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Given its obvious nod to gangster cinema, there’s something redundant in deeming Goodfellas an Italian restaurant – a bit like clarifying that “Major English Poets,” is, shockingly, an English class. Plasma televisions splash Robert DeNiro’s face across the restaurant’s walls, silently looping “The Godfather” and other genre classics (a bit Orwellian for my taste, but harmless enough). The result: an innocent Atlantic City atmosphere, buzzing but businesslike.

itz h@llow33n!!!! #boo

R u totally mad because u wer 2 busy/lame 2 leave ur suite 4 Halloween this year?

You're Invited!

Last Saturday’s Inaugural Ball proved that Yale knows how to get down (and keep it supremely classy while doing so). We at WEEKEND, from what we can remember, had a glorious time, and now are desperate to know: in light of the ball’s inevitable passing, what event will step up to claim the title of Yale’s Next Best Dance?

Mixed tapes

Do you wish that your life was a musical? Do you develop separation anxiety from your iPhone earbuds during section? WEEKEND has you covered. We developed a collection of playlists meticulously tailored to every aspect of your Yale experience. Now, whether you're chatting in the dining hall or recovering from Toad's, be assured that you will never have to live without music.

Fond Farewells

In the span of one week, three college masters and deans announced that they would be stepping down from their posts, and WEEKEND suspects we're yet to see the end of this exodus.

Time to Go

Last May, the class of 2013 donned their gowns and funny hats, gathered on Old Campus and said au revoir to their bright college years. They dispersed to myriad adventures and identities in a place called “the real world.” Or did they? WEEKEND profiles the stragglers that never quite got the message: 2013, time to go.

Sun On My Ridge: WKND gets naked

Thrust. A relentless pattern; a relentless panting. Thump. Thump. Back and forth. Thrust and groan. The wind caressed our naked bodies. Sweat ran down our sun-kissed skin. Leah heaved. Yuvie squealed. He hit hard. Jennifer watched from the sidelines.


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