Summer with a side of existential dread

“Everything eats and is eaten. Time is fed.”  Adrienne Lenker repeats in the chorus of “Ingydar.” Though morbid on the surface, I like to think of “Ingydar” as my song of the summer, a reminder to savor days of leisure and warmth before they are eaten away by winter.

Secured a First Date? Here’s Where You Should Go.

Finally score the number of that cutie in your office hours? Hot Tinder date? Wondering where on Earth you’ll take them to really seal the […]

A Guide for Busy Bodies

So you’ve overcommitted yourself academically, didn’t you? It was course registration week and you thought, “Hmm, I can totally do four classes on Tuesdays and […]

The Great Meal Plan Debate

My days on the full meal plan could only be described as suffocating.  Determined to make full use of all 21 swipes each week, I […]

Ross and loss: A bleak two weeks in sports

I’m not saying I hate him, but I’m also not not saying that. You see, my dear friend Ross is from Philadelphia. Like many Philadelphians, […]

Longing and Fear: How Ovarian Cancer Changed My Perspective on Womanhood

Every year, I sit around a campfire in the Washington woods and answer the question, “What’s your greatest longing and greatest fear?”  I’ve spent the […]

Shampoo Eulogy

After a little more than three semesters at Yale, I’ve finally finished my first bottle of shampoo. The end came suddenly, unexpectedly and at first […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Wearing an Ikea Frakta Right Now!

Party themes to college students are like a deck of cards to a four-year-old. An adult appreciates the nuance of the diamond, the heart, the […]

What Nobody Tells You About Studying Abroad

Nobody told me that studying abroad for junior spring would feel so crazy. On one hand, I feel like I’m a senior graduating in May; […]

Sex on the WKND: Hoe for the holidays

My ex-LDR knows that the semester is ending soon, and they’ve been hitting me up at ungodly hours. Do I give in?  -Ho(m)eForTheHolidays   Though […]