Artist Spotlight: Tiffany Pedersen-Henry ’23

Humbled and Confused

I like to consider myself a snob when it comes to cinema. Not only do I think that I have impeccable taste in films and […]

The Radical Power of the Gaze: On “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”

Historically, cinema has not been good to gay people. Or women. Or especially not gay women. Few films depict lesbians, and when they do, the […]

The After Life: A Review of “Fleishman Is In Trouble”

Two warnings: this review is full of spoilers, and Fleishman Is In Trouble contains lots and lots of detailed descriptions of dating-app encounters. The story […]

In the Matrix

Vija Celmins: To Fix the Image in Memory. Yale University Press, 2018. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, September 24, 2019–January 12, 2020 My […]

“I Heard You Paint Houses”: A review of “The Irishman”

One of the darkest bits in the canon of Martin Scorsese’s films is the “Pretty Face” sequence in “Raging Bull.” Jake LaMotta, the paranoid, abusive […]

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is Fleabag

Before this review gets started, let’s get some things straight. Fleabag is funny. Hilarious, even. When rewatching the second season of the show for this […]

“Boiler Room, London Studio”: A Recreation of Place

Orange, strong and monochrome, stares me in the eye in direct conflict with an otherwise empty room with blank white walls and wood floors. Light […]

“Songs for a Pseudonym”

Louis DeFelice ’19’s apartment is wired like an underground concert venue. Cables connect a series of speakers to each other, a keyboard and a record […]

Gravity: “A Far Cry” Review

The group was A Far Cry, in name and from expectations. On Tuesday, three-time Grammy-nominated and self-conducted chamber orchestra A Far Cry presented “Gravity,” an […]

Wax That Spins, Sounds that Byte

Music is old, old as the Paleolithic pounding of the first stone tools. The song is old, too — a few millennia, or 40. The […]