World’s youngest Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai delivers Silliman college tea

Malala Yousafzai told Yalies about her college experience, activist burnout and how she maintains everyday joy at a Silliman College tea on Tuesday.

Ted Cruz speaks at Yale, student groups counter with political advocacy

Students and other community members filled the ballroom of the Omni Hotel on Monday evening to watch Texas Sen. Ted Cruz record an episode of […]

Randall Horton gives Yale talk on writing and incarceration

The University of New Haven Professor read excerpts from his recent works surrounding identity and the prison industrial complex.

Yale Cyber Leadership Forum hosts discussion on “AI Ethics and Safety”

The Forum’s final session for this year featured five panelists over two discussions about cybersecurity, natural language processing and the ethical challenges surrounding artificial intelligence.

Yale SOM hosts “Fempire” colloquium after three-year hiatus

Fempire drew in over 130 attendees to attend workshops on how to thrive professionally and personally as a woman in management.

Yale students, faculty and government officials rally in solidarity with Ukraine

Hundreds of students, faculty and New Haven residents gathered in front of Sterling Memorial Library on Sunday to show their support for Ukraine in the […]

Lukas Flippo Photo.
23rd Frederick Douglass book award ceremony advocates for slavery studies in historical education

On Feb. 17, Yale’s Gilder Lehrman Center awarded two co-winners, Marjoleine Kars and Vincent Brown, the annual Frederick Douglass Book Prize.

Lunarfest 2022 centers around repairing COVID-driven disconnect within the city

In response to pandemic concerns, Lunarfest aims to rebuild a sense of community within New Haven.

Yale Students Demand Action and Yale Dems talk gun violence prevention

Honoring the anniversary of the Parkland massacre, Students Demand Action and Yale Dems joined Senator Murphy to discuss the trajectory of gun violence in the U.S. and where to go from here.

Writer Yi-Ling Liu ’17 speaks to Yale about Chinese internet culture

In a Poynter Fellowship in Journalism event on Monday, Liu spoke about Chinese internet and its culture in an event titled “Metaphors of Online Life in China.”

Jackson Institute hosts discussion with Ambassador Ryan Crocker

Ambassador Ryan Crocker, a former U.S. diplomat, engaged in a dialogue about how American diplomacy has changed since 9/11 with Executive Director of International Security Studies Ted Wittenstein.