African Studies then and now: Students and faculty weigh in on program, nondepartmental status

In a 2018 article, faculty raised concerns regarding the lack of departmental status for Yale’s Council on African Studies. Now, three years later, six council-affiliated […]

Spring semester break days off to shaky start

While a Jan. 29 email from Dean of Yale College Marvin Chun advertised break days as “a chance for rest and renewal,” class schedules and, […]

The inside of the Vanderbilt Arch looking out to fall trees on Old Campus.
Yale to shift resources to intro classes, hire post-docs for some upper-level seminars as student body grows

With Yale set to welcome larger-than-usual classes of sophomores and first years the next academic year, professors and the Yale administration are taking steps to […]

‘It can’t stop at the syllabus’: English professors and students reflect on syllabi diversity in foundational courses

Four years ago, English department faculty voted to change the major’s requirements by including two foundational courses — now called “American Literature” and “Readings in Comparative […]

Exterior of Linsly-Chittenden Hall from Old Campus during the day
‘Even when it’s successful, the process takes its toll’: How tenure works — and doesn’t — at Yale

Yale-NUS Dean of Faculty elected as Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research fellow

Yale-NUS Dean of Faculty Jeannette Ickovics was recently elected as a fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research.  The ABMR is an international network […]

Yale professors weigh in on impeachment

As the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump came to a close on Saturday, Feb. 13 with the U.S. Senate voting 57-43 to convict […]

Of 54 registered in-person classes, some hold off, others begin meeting this week

While Associate Research Scientist Man-Ki Yoon plans to transition to in-person teaching in March, for now, virtual machines running car simulators hooked to the computers […]

Graduate school deadlines present roadblock for senior athletes, but individual programs may consider extensions

Last Thursday, Yale’s graduating class of student-athletes learned that the Ivy League had granted a waiver permitting seniors to compete in their sport next season […]

‘We will be living with the effects for decades to come’: Employees criticize Yale’s childcare policies

On Feb. 3, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tamar Gendler wrote an email to faculty letting them know that recent efforts to […]

Catfishing, virality and spats: The Yale professors of Twitter

One day, Scott Shapiro LAW ’90, professor of law and philosophy, was walking home from a convenience store when he saw a bird smash into […]