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Welcome to the Indigenous Heritage Month Special Issue!

Welcome to the 2023 Yale Daily News Indigenous Heritage Month special issue, celebrating the presence and emergence of the Native and Indigenous community at the University.

To the NACC: Overcoming multiplicity

 It’s easy to dismiss the last three semesters at Yale as a flicker of drunken sidequests, chicken tender Thursdays, and crippling 4:30 p.m. sunsets. But […]

PROFILES: Indigenous excellence in STEM at Yale

As Indigenous communities across the country hold celebrations for Native American Heritage Month, we note great achievements in the sciences by Native peoples. Whether in the critically acclaimed writings of botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, or looking to the stars where Nicole Mann became the first Native American woman in space, our people see countless examples of Indigenous Excellence in STEM. 

Photo courtesy of the Yale American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Expanded course offerings, faculty in Indigenous Studies over last five years

This fall, there are eight courses being offered in Native American and Indigenous studies, spanning six departments and with 101 students currently enrolled.

Yale historian Ned Blackhawk’s ‘The Rediscovery of America’ wins National Book Award

On Nov. 15, Yale historian Ned Blackhawk (Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone) won the National Book Award in nonfiction for his fourth book, “The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples And The Unmaking of U.S. History.” In light of this award, Yale faculty across the field of Native and Indigenous studies discussed their reaction to the book’s wide acclaim and what they believe to be the book’s legacy.

Eight questions with professor Tarren Andrews

Andrews, an assistant professor of Ethnicity, Race and Migration, discussed her career, background and time at Yale.

Lā Kūʻokoʻa: Native Hawaiian Students organize week of events celebrating Hawaiian culture and independence

Members of the recently founded Indigenous Peoples of Oceania organization held Lā Kūʻokoʻa — Hawai'ian Independence Day — celebrations throughout the week.

Students, faculty celebrate founding of Indigenous Peoples of Oceania cultural group

The student group Indigenous Peoples of Oceania is providing community to students at Yale.

Students, professors reflect on Yale Law School’s expanded Federal Indian Law course offerings

Law School professors and students spoke with the News about the significance of Federal Indian Law studies as Yale began offering advanced courses in 2022.

Sixth Henry Roe Cloud Conference celebrates Native and Indigenous legacy at Yale

Hundreds of Native and Indigenous students, faculty and alumni gathered to celebrate Yale’s sixth Henry Roe Cloud conference, which featured academic and community panels, performing arts showcases and an awards reception to recognize Native and Indigenous excellence.