Yale researchers discover healing effects of psychedelic drug

Researchers find that one dose of psilocybin results in roughly a 10 percent increase in neuron size and density in mouse brains.

Yale study: COVID-19 vaccine distribution at dollar stores could improve equity

Yale researchers found that including dollar stores in the U.S. vaccine distribution process would aid in the country’s efforts to reach marginalized populations.

Yale researchers investigate severe COVID-related condition in children

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is a serious, yet puzzling, disease that can present in children weeks after they have been infected with COVID-19. To better understand the mechanisms that underlie it, scientists in the Lucas Lab have immunologically profiled the condition.

An illustration of COVID.
Racist Zoom-bombing occurs during YSN event

At a Zoom event co-sponsored by various student affinity groups at the Yale School of Nursing on April 12, a racist Zoombombing occurred during a conversation about racism in healthcare.

UP CLOSE | The future of health care: How the pandemic ushered a new era of innovation at YNHHS

Though the Yale New Haven Health System was hit hard by the pandemic, it moved towards a more digital future as it adapted to fight the coronavirus. According to health system officials, many of the changes instituted will last for long after the pandemic has passed.

IRIS, YSPH host community discussion on climate-induced migration

The talk focused on the serious impacts of climate change on forced displacement on an international, national and local scale.

Two MCDB professors among 14 Yale faculty members elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Recently elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ronald Breaker and Akiko Iwasaki, professors in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, have both made significant contributions to their respective fields of RNA research and immunology.

A headshot each of Breaker and Iwasaki side-by-side.
Yale researcher among astronomers peering into the surroundings of M87’s black hole

Using data gathered by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration in 2017, astronomers have explored the role of magnetic fields in the formation of relativistic jets emitted from the center of active galaxies.

PROFILES: Prominent Asian researchers in STEM at Yale

The News conducted interviews with three prominent Asian American researchers and professors at Yale, who have each contributed tremendously to science.

Yale working to deal with students who get a non-FDA-authorized vaccine

Because the pandemic has scattered Yale students across the globe, not everyone has access to the same COVID-19 vaccines. But with Yale's recent mandate announcement and requirement that students be immunized with U.S.-approved shots for the fall, what could this mean for international students in countries that are only administering AstraZeneca or other non-FDA-authorized vaccines?

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Yale SEAS announces diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging committee

In the coming months, the committee, which Miller is leading, will be reviewing individual DEI action plans provided by each department within SEAS in hopes of creating an integrated DEIB plan with action steps over the next five years.