YNHHS researchers find racial disparities in one mechanism of assessing organ failure

Researchers at the Yale New Haven Health System found that Black patients have higher organ failure assessment scores than white counterparts despite similar rates of […]

Yale researcher leads branch of HIV research collaboration

A researcher from Yale is set to play a major role in the HOPE Collaboratory, a project undertaken by Martin Delaney Collaboratories in the name of finding a cure for HIV.

A view of the Yale School of Medicine sign in the fall.
Yale professors, admin weigh in on biopharma settlements, opioid crisis

Yale experts commented on the opioid crisis and pharmaceutical settlements in interviews with News.

A chart showing the rates of opioid deaths in New Haven, Hamden, Connecticut, and the region on a whole.
Social isolation negatively impacts recovery from critical illness, Yale study finds

A recent study found that the most socially isolated individuals have a higher risk of death following critical illness.

Sign that reads "Yale University, School of Medicine"
Yale leads effort to explore multi-hazard climate risks in the Himalayas

Researchers at Yale have found that the rapid rate of urbanization in Nepal is a signal to government agencies to better inform people of the data surrounding the risks associated with climate change.

Photo looking up at Himalayan forest
Yale’s Solomon Center launches new palliative care policy database

In partnership with the Center to Advance Palliative Care, the Solomon Center introduced a GPS tool to track legislation on palliative care across the country.

University researchers join consortium studying public health in the Caribbean

The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, within a 25-organization consortium, is organizing a conference dedicated to launching research initiatives to address adverse public health outcomes due to climate change in the Caribbean.

The School of Public Health sign in front of the building
Black children more likely to be physically restrained in emergency departments, study finds

New Yale study finds that Black patients are more likely to be physically restrained in emergency departments, even after removing the influence of socioeconomic factors.

The front of the Yale School of Medicine
Yale astronomer leads team in the study of an ultra-hot Jupiter

In a recently published study, an international collaboration of astronomers studied the atmosphere of an exoplanet similar in size and mass to Jupiter but with significant differences in surface temperatures.

Yale researchers study gaps in the world’s biodiversity maps

In a recent study, Yale researchers identified how well the world’s biodiversity is documented in various regions. Filling these data gaps will aid in future environmental conservation efforts.

An illustrated map of the world.
Yale Quantum Institute artist-in-residence program welcomes DJ Spooky

Yale Quantum Institute selects multimedia artist Paul D. Miller, known professionally as DJ Spooky, for a yearlong residency to be spent integrating quantum physics with fine arts.