Yale Health reminds students to get their mandatory flu shots

As the “Yale Plague” spread this past month, University health officials have urged Yale community members to get a flu shot — a mandatory component of […]

Alumni donations help School of Public Health support students on financial aid

This year, the Yale School of Public Health is accommodating a record number of students in scholarship aid — a result of donations from alumni […]

Yale professor receives award from American Chemical Society for work in spectroscopy

A Yale professor has received a prestigious award from the American Chemical Society, or ACS, for his work in spectroscopy. The ACS recently recognized Mark […]

Yale researchers attribute extreme precipitation in recent years to intensifying “rivers in the sky”

With the onslaught of increasingly frequent floods and storms brought about by climate change, Yale researchers pointed to a possible culprit: the changing course of […]

Yale researcher encourages sustainability efforts in healthcare

A Yale researcher recently published an article arguing for increased sustainability efforts within the healthcare profession through decreasing the demand for care. In an analysis […]

Dr. Pamela Kunz, Professor at School of Medicine, named 2021 Woman Oncologist of the Year

Women Leaders in Oncology, or WLO, named Dr. Pamela Kunz the 2021 Woman Oncologist of the Year during their annual Leadership Empowerment and Development conference […]

Yale researchers use tensile jamming to create more dexterous robots

A team of researchers at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences successfully improved the dexterity of soft robots using a method called tensile […]

Yale study finds the differences between human and animal brains and its implications for the understanding of neurodiversity

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that human brain development begins to differentiate itself from that of other animals as early as the […]

University study shows increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates can save lives

Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health published a study modeling the number of deaths and hospitalizations that could be prevented by accelerating the […]

Yale study finds minority patients with anxiety and depression are more likely to want doctors who share their culture

Black patients with depression want doctors who share and understand their culture but are less likely than white patients to get them, according to a […]

Yale researchers investigate sex differences in pain treatment outcomes

The Women’s Health Research at Yale, or WHRY, has funded a new study to research sex differences in clinical outcomes for pain treatment and for […]