Yalies at the School of Medicine discuss efforts to support first-generation students 

Two medical students told the News about various forms of support they said that the medical school offers to students in overcoming challenges.

Yale study finds that small molecule can increase white blood cell counts

The researchers discovered that the A485 molecule, known as “prohiberin,” helped mice fight against infection.

Scientists at the School of Medicine want to delay menopause. Should they?

A technique to freeze and transplant portions of the ovary could prolong menopause indefinitely, helping women improve fertility and skirt menopause symptoms. But some experts are dubious: just because scientists can prolong — or even end — menopause, does that mean they should?

Parents alarmed by YNHH daycare transition plans, staffing shortages

Amid financial challenges and transition to a new service provider, the Yale New Haven Health Child Care Center risks violating state regulations and losing long-time employees.

Yale scientists uncover link between impaired sleep and indications of poor brain health

The research team found that poor sleep shows strong correlations with common markers of stroke and dementia.

Blending research and advocacy, Yale’s Housing and Health Equity Lab tackles homelessness through a scientific lens

Founded by Danya Keene, the YSPH lab explores the links between housing and health, promoting policy interventions to enhance housing access and reduce racial health disparities.

White House memo pushes Yale research toward public accessibility

Yale librarians and researchers react to the memo, which calls for all federally funded research to be made publicly available by December 2024.

Yale experts discuss this season’s “tripledemic”

Yale experts reflect on the state of this year’s flu season and how it has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yale researchers discover new treatment for babesiosis

A novel combination therapy shows promising signs to combat the tick-borne disease.

Yale faculty member’s online therapy program seeks to break down barriers to PTSD care 

Created by psychiatry residency graduate Sofia Noori, Nema Health aims to make “gold-standard” care for post-traumatic stress disorder more accessible for survivors of trauma.

Yale scientists look to hearing loss to detect Alzheimer’s early

Yale researchers, led by Dr. Hong-Bo Zhao, are investigating the link between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s in an effort to detect the disease a decade before symptoms arise.