New ultrasound treatment for Type II diabetes developed by Yale-GE Collaboration

Yale researchers in Raimund Herzog’s lab are working alongside GE Research to develop an ultrasound treatment for Type II diabetes.

Emerging biotechnology could lead to a new frontier in medical treatments

A Yale-led study has developed a type of biotechnology that could revolutionize the process of genetic engineering.

Yale study finds lower dose of COVID-19 drug is effective

A new Yale-UBC study finds that a decreased dosage of tocilizumab can effectively treat severe cases of COVID-19 and reduce supply shortages.

18th Annual Yale Healthcare Conference engages industry professionals and students in conversations on current healthcare issues

Industry leaders, professionals and scholars discussed healthcare accessibility and an increasing need for patient-centered innovation during this year’s 18th Annual Yale Healthcare Conference.

“Supercharged” T-cells attack cancer cells more effectively, Yale study shows

Yale researchers have identified specific genes within T-cells that can be amplified to increase a T-cell’s ability to identify and kill cancer cells.

New Yale study shows potential target for treating blood cancers

Researchers in the Halene lab at the School of Medicine have discovered a new pathogenic mechanism in hematological malignancies that could open doors in treatment.

“How people fall apart”: Yale faculty discuss the impact of burnout on the brain

Understanding the neuroscience behind burnout could help people accept their resulting behavior and thought patterns as natural responses of the brain.

Yale to offer first-in-the-nation joint engineering and medical school master’s degree

Yale’s School of Engineering & Applied Science and School of Medicine will offer a new master’s program in personalized medicine & applied engineering to combine engineering, robotics and medicine

Novel imaging technique allows doctors to track synaptic activity in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

By radioactively labeling a protein involved in neuron communication, Yale researchers are able to track and image synaptic activity in patients.

Freed to fidget, robotic hands manipulate everyday objects

Yale Researchers teach robotic hands to fidget, increasing object adaptability and movement control, in newly published research.

Novel Yale-developed stem cell therapy helps prevent hip replacements

A Yale surgeon is developing a new surgical therapy that uses a patient’s own stem cells to repair dying bone before the hip collapses.