Following drug development milestones, Arvinas looks to make headway against breast cancer and brain diseases

The New Haven-based biopharmaceutical company and Yale spinoff hopes to use a unique protein-targeting technology in two promising drugs to stave off breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

Yale researchers discover new immunological capabilities of the eye

The research team found that injecting vaccines into the eyes of mice could activate an immune response, highlighting the immunological link between the eyes and the brain.

Yale and SCSU community health program awarded grant to fight health inequities

The CARE program will use new CDC funding to support food security, breastfeeding and road safety initiatives in New Haven.

Yale Internal Medicine Residency Writers’ Workshop celebrates 20th anniversary

Now in its second decade, the writers’ workshop for new doctors at the School of Medicine is training physicians to translate from patients to the page.

‘Blank Space’ in memory? Researchers investigate Taylor Swift-induced amnesia

In a recent review, School of Public Health student Nathan Carroll theorized that excitement and sensory overload could explain memory lapses among concertgoers during the pop star’s Eras Tour.

Yale-led study discovers disparities in stroke treatment among patients receiving hospital cardiac care 

The researchers found that patients who suffer from strokes following cardiac interventions are less likely to receive the most effective stroke treatment, EVT.

Yale researchers call for more studies on chronic climate change and mental health

A new Yale-led study found a lack of research on the effects of chronic climate change and mental health.

Yale New Haven Hospital announces new president

Katherine Heilpern takes the reins of the hospital amid YNHH’s hospital acquisitions and parent discontent over daycare downsizing.

Yale researchers highlight prevalence of anxiety in U.S. military veterans 

The researchers found that veterans have higher rates of generalized anxiety disorder and offered potential solutions in a study published this month.

Davenport Street daycare center closes, YNHH begins transition of operations to Bright Horizons management

One of two current YNHH Daycare Center locations is permanently closing as Bright Horizons takes over the daycare center, leaving parents scrambling to secure their current daycare spot with newly reduced capacity.

Yale scientists refine model to predict risk for opioid dependence

Amid healthcare providers’ anxieties about prescribing opioids, a team of Yale researchers is trying to predict patients’ risk for opioid dependence based on genetic and environmental factors.