YSPH study finds adverse reactions to opioid use disorder medication buprenorphine unlikely

In a study looking at the effects of buprenorphine in 1,200 patients with substance use disorders, the odds of precipitated withdrawal — an adverse reaction caused by medications used to treat opioid dependence — was less than one percent.

YSPH and YPL launch Laboratory-in-a-Van program

A new initiative from the Yale School of Public Health and Yale Pathology Labs hopes to make health screening more accessible through a retrofitted mobile lab.

Yale researchers uncover novel implications of arachnoid cysts

Using an integrated multiomics approach, a recent Yale-led study found that arachnoid cysts may serve as radiographic biomarkers for neuropathologies.

New Haven plans for late summer distribution of Narcan

Following the FDA’s authorization of over-the-counter naloxone, New Haven prepares to roll out over-the-counter Narcan.

Yale physicians call on medical societies to boycott states that ban abortion

Three Yale doctors are advocating for medical professional societies to only host conferences in states that protect abortion rights.

Researchers develop novel technologies to uncover new insights into brain function and disease

This novel technology helps researchers better understand the mechanisms involved in gene expression.

UP CLOSE | A class of its own: How medical students balance mental health and career aspirations

Students at the Yale School of Medicine spoke to the News about their experiences with burnout and the mental healthcare resources they hope to see instituted.

Inside Governor Ned Lamont’s bill to expand maternal healthcare

If passed, the bill could radically change the landscape of Connecticut maternal care — and the lives of underserved people.

Yale researchers develop holistic metric for measuring weight loss

Developed by Yale researchers, the Weight-specific Quality of Life metric aims to provide a more comprehensive and stigma-free assessment of weight loss among veterans.

Yale researchers find that breastfeeding can cost over $11,000 a year

Sparked by the shortage of baby formula in the US in 2022, YSPH and YSM researchers conducted a study that quantifies the costs of breastfeeding an infant in their first year of life.

YSPH study links rental assistance with increased food security and nutrition

A recent report from the YSPH Housing and Health Equity Lab examined the health implications of high rent costs and rental assistance programs.