Going to the doctor when you’re Asian in America

Yale community members spoke on the importance of cultural competency in treatment and how Asian American communities may experience and view health care differently.

Anti-Asian hate crimes are a “racist crisis”

The mistreatment of Asian Americans in society is a broader reflection of the inequitable treatment Asian Americans experience in the healthcare system.

Pamela Sutton-Wallace named new COO of Yale New Haven Health System

Starting July 11, Pamela Sutton-Wallace will serve as the Yale New Haven Health System COO as it navigates to a new normal at this stage in the pandemic.

Yale penicillin allergy testing initiative clears most pregnant women of reported allergy

Two YNHH physicians have developed an initiative to test and identify pregnant women who report penicillin allergies in order to verify or clear the reported allergy.

Specific cancer characteristics may determine patient outcomes, Yale analysis finds

Yale researchers analyzed a data set of more than 10,000 cancer patients and identified certain biomarkers associated with higher rates of patient mortality.

Yale Bone Center celebrates 35th year of groundbreaking research and advancement

As the Yale Bone Centers completes 35 years of research and development, three researchers share their work and collaboration with the center.

Yale researchers find the signals essential for hair follicle formation

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found two signals that are essential and sufficient to a cell's differentiation into a dermal condensate.

Yale-led study finds racial and ethnic disparities in sleep duration

Through analyzing data from the National Health Interview Survey, Yale researchers found sleep disparities along racial and ethnic lines.

A look inside the Yale lab sequencing local COVID-19 cases 

Working with Nathan Grubaugh, scientists at the Yale Center for Genomic Analysis are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

How physicians fall apart: how pandemic-era burnout has struck the nation’s healthcare system

Recent studies on physician burnout deepened understanding of work-life wellbeing and prompted programs to be implemented in Yale’s medical system.

YPCCC study categorizes Americans’ consumption of plant-based foods by motivation 

A new study from the Yale Program for Climate Change Communication segments the motivations behind Americans’ diets.