Yale doctors and researchers collaborate to address gun violence in New Haven

Through the Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program, doctors and law enforcement are running a strategic initiative to address gun violence in New Haven.

Breastmilk tracking app shows promising results at YNHH Bridgeport campus

Eliza Myers’s app idea earned her the Innovator Award from the YNHHS Center for Health Care Innovation. Now, the app is ensuring increased human milk access for newborn babies — and, for parents, newfound agency in the breastfeeding process.

Yale researchers discover loophole in FDA medical device regulation

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School found that a loophole in existing regulation has allowed manufacturers to acquire U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for unsafe medical devices.

Yale researchers develop software for individualized cancer treatment

In an effort to practice precision medicine — a medical movement to develop specific treatments for individual patients — scientists created software to quantify and differentiate the impacts of variants occurring in cancer.

Yale experts shed light on melatonin supplement usage

In the face of increasing melatonin supplement use, Yale experts underscore misconceptions surrounding the substance and offer sleep hygiene advice.

Yale researchers explore potential benefits and risks of telehealth

Yale cardiologists analyzed the practical and ethical considerations of telehealth.

Yale study identifies partisan disparity in excess COVID-19 death rates

A working paper authored by professors in the Schools of Public Health and Management found higher excess death rates for Republican voters during the pandemic.

Yale researchers develop first FDA-approved drug to delay autoimmune disease

Yale School of Medicine's Kevan Herold led the clinical trials for teplizumab, a drug found to delay the development of type 1 diabetes, which affects around 1.95 million Americans.

“We are at capacity”: RSV surges nationwide, hitting Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital at record volumes

Respiratory syncytial virus has burdened pediatric emergency rooms and caused severe disease in an unusual number of infants, leading the CDC to issue a health advisory.

Yale MSI researchers identify dietary molecule that helps harmful bacteria survive in the gut

A study concluded that Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium found in the stomach, is resistive to oxidative stress by transporting ergothioneine.

What to know about accessing health services at Yale

Current Health Services and Insurance Plans Available to Students at Yale Health