Yale scientists design wearable clip to detect SARS-CoV-2 air exposure

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, people who are wondering whether they have been exposed to the virus may have an answer in a […]

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Despite COVID-19, Yale’s pulmonary department published 232 research articles in 2020

Balancing intense patient care with demanding research projects has always been intrinsic to the life of critical care physician-scientists. But against the backdrop of a […]

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Yale team develops heart failure algorithm to inform clinical decision making

Up to 50 percent of heart failure patients who are discharged in the United States are readmitted within six months of leaving the hospital. To lower […]

Yale astronomers to benefit from new Sloan Digital Sky Survey data

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the most in-depth three-dimensional astronomical survey ever conducted, is ready to enter its fifth phase, giving Yale astronomers a new […]

Yale researchers develop nonsurgical treatment for skin cancer

Yale researchers have created a nonsurgical injection that can treat skin cancer. The new treatment, which was published in a paper in the journal Proceedings […]

Mask mandates associated with people spending less time at home, Yale School of the Environment study finds

The implementation of mask mandates around the country was correlated with people spending less time at home, a new study by a Yale School of […]

Yale researchers discover reservoir of T cells involved in anti-tumor response

In a recent study, Yale scientists investigated how a specific subset of T cells can survive within a tumor’s microenvironment during the progression of cancer. […]

COVID-19 vaccines should not eclipse public health precautions, YNHH doctors stress

Although the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of COVID-19 vaccines has brought the end of the pandemic nearer, the United States remains at a defining […]

Yale study finds link between autism in children, premature birth of their parents

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, in children may be linked to the premature birth of their parents, according to a Yale School of Public Health […]

Yale team discovers ring-like structure of electrons in high-temperature superconductors

Yale scientists have come one step closer to understanding the behavior of electrons and have found surprising results. Coulomb’s law — a law governing electrical […]

Yale study reveals acute kidney injury alert systems do not reduce risk

A new study by Yale School of Medicine nephrology experts shows that electronic alerts for acute kidney injury do not statistically improve patient outcomes.  F. […]