Yale scientists develop novel technique to detect brain tumors

In a paper published in Scientific Reports last week, Yale researchers presented their development of a new sodium magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging, or MRSI, method […]

YPSH researchers develop vaccine candidate against deadly leptospirosis bacteria

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have identified a vaccine candidate against the potentially deadly Leptospira bacteria. Leptospira bacteria are responsible for causing […]

Scientists at School of Engineering and Applied Science improve ductility of metallic glass

A new Yale study from the School of Engineering and Applied Science developed a method to increase the ductility of bulk metallic glasses, or BMGs.  […]

Yale researchers detect tumor-reactive immune cells in blood

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have isolated from blood samples specialized immune cells that attack tumors and could serve as a way to […]

Yale researchers create an app to study happiness

In January, researchers led by associate professor of psychology Robb Rutledge launched The Happiness Project, an app that will help scientists study decision-making, happiness and […]

Yale neuroscientists image the brains of individuals in disagreement

Yale researchers have implemented an imaging technique to peer into the neural systems of people engaging in conversation and study the neural patterns of individuals […]

Saliva viral load can predict COVID-19 severity, Yale study finds

A recent study by Yale’s Iwasaki Lab has found that the viral load from saliva tests might be able to predict the severity of COVID-19 […]

Close up of test tubes sticking out of a box.
Yale lab develops revolutionary RNA vaccine for malaria

A Yale researcher has partnered with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop an RNA vaccine to protect against the malaria parasite. The vaccine has the […]

Up close of a mosquito silhouetted against a purple background
Yale researchers weigh in on health equity and how to achieve it

During a pandemic that has revealed deep health inequities in the country, Yale faculty dedicated to researching healthcare policies and health equity spoke with the […]

Yale study finds that when smelling, oral stimuli are weaker than nasal stimuli

Yale researchers have found that odors sensed through eating are weaker than those sensed through inhalation. The study, which was published in the journal NeuroImage, […]

A woman smelling a sandwich
Researchers identify predictors of psychological stress in health care workers

Since COVID-19 infections and deaths began to soar worldwide at the beginning of last year, one group has been at the forefront of the battle […]