Inside an overburdened ICU: YNHH employees confront Omicron surge

Staff are feeling a different type of stress as hospitals receive hundreds of COVID-19 patients.

With overflowing emergency department, Yale New Haven Hospital temporarily expands to parking lot

In response to unprecedented volumes of patients and longer duration of stay, Yale New Haven Hospital is temporarily expanding its emergency room to the parking lot.

Yale cardiologist receives Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award

Attila Feher will attend the High Country Nuclear Medicine Conference as the recipient of the Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award in March 2022 to present his research on microcirculation.

Yale-led studies open doors for treatment of lymphoma and neuroblastoma cancers

Two new Yale-led studies published in Nature on Nov. 24 have revealed further details regarding the  anaplastic lymphoma kinase molecule, or ALK, and its role […]

Yale researchers develop mRNA-based lyme disease vaccine

Yale researchers have developed an mRNA vaccine that targets the antigens found in tick saliva in order to alert individuals to tick bites as well as prevent the tick from feeding correctly, thereby reducing its ability to transmit pathogens.

Ovarian transplant reverses fertility loss in cancer survivors

A novel robot-assisted ovarian transplant procedure can extend organ viability by 14 additional months, culminating in multiple healthy pregnancies in previously infertile patients.

Yale professors weigh in on the new Omicron COVID-19 variant

Yale professors spoke on what is known and unknown about the Omicron variant and criticized U.S. policy aimed at limiting transmission.

Yale researchers unlock secrets through study of long-term effects of COVID-19

Yale researchers expand their work on long COVID in conjunction with Survivor Corps to study how vaccinations are affecting long COVID symptoms.

Yale researchers discover that novel antiviral effectively targets numerous COVID variants

A Yale study found that an RNA-based antiviral recruits the innate immune system in the body’s fight against COVID-19, indiscriminately fighting many variants of the virus and bringing new hope to immunocompromised patients.

Yale researchers link higher levels of low density cholesterol with decreased risk of hemorrhage

A recent Yale study links elevated lipid levels with decreased risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of stroke caused by brain aneurysms.

Yale Program in Addiction Medicine and The Hartford pilot effort to train medical workers to combat addiction stigma

In light of an ongoing opioid crisis, which is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hartford announced a collaboration with the Yale Program in Addiction Medicine to train medical workers on better combating addiction, pain management and stigma.