UP CLOSE | The future of health care: How the pandemic ushered a new era of innovation at YNHHS

Though the Yale New Haven Health System was hit hard by the pandemic, it moved towards a more digital future as it adapted to fight the coronavirus. According to health system officials, many of the changes instituted will last for long after the pandemic has passed.

Yale study examines impact of COVID-19 infection during pregnancy

A study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine analyzed the placental tissue of pregnant women infected with SARS-CoV-2, testing whether the virus could […]

YNHHS pauses radiotherapy treatment for six days after software breach

A nationwide cybersecurity threat to Elekta, a vendor that delivers radiotherapy services at the Yale New Haven Health System, resulted in the interruption of treatment for approximately 200 cancer patients for six days.

Yale study finds calcium leak leads to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease

New research by Yale’s Nairn and Arnsten labs found that age-related Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the dysregulation of calcium in the brain.  The study […]

Yale study finds pivotal information on the origins of sauropod dinosaurs

A new study by researchers at Yale and the University of Oxford has added crucial information to the understanding of the origins of sauropods, which […]

Yale study finds smoke-free worksite laws help to reduce vaping

A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health identified that smoke-free worksite laws may help not only to reduce levels of cigarette smoking, […]

An up close of a no smoking sign at Toad
Yale study explores visual consciousness in rhesus monkeys

A recent study published in late March by psychologists and neuroscientists from Yale and other research institutions found that monkeys can process visual cues in […]

UP CLOSE | Socially distant science: How the School of Medicine adapted to research during a pandemic

Yale study introduces breakthrough bio-based plastic

New research conducted by scientists at Yale, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland could help phase out traditional plastics. Researchers at the […]

Yale study uses fMRI to study attention in babies

Researchers in the Yale Department of Psychology measured activation in babies’ frontal lobes during attention exercises for the first time by using fMRI — a […]

The front of SSS from across Grove St.
Pfizer vaccine leads to ‘significantly lower’ case rates in nursing homes, Yale study finds

A recent study published in collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Yale School of Public Health and the Connecticut Department of […]

A close-up of a vial of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.