SAPRE: Give us back our lives

The defining characteristic of our current pandemic is perhaps its crushing circularity. Diseases crash through a population in waves; cities and countries open and shut […]

NAM: Make Me Up

When I sit down at my brightly lit desk, it’s never to do schoolwork — that space is reserved for skincare and makeup. Whoever sits […]

SAPRE: Sad songs say so much

I spent Saturday morning perched on the couch in my common room, listening to my “sad music” playlist. When Spotify rolled around to Everybody Hurts […]

YENILMEZ: Rebrand in progress

Over the last couple of weeks, I don’t remember how many times I heard the sentence “I am rebranding,” or how many times I said […]

ZHANG: America, on trial

Among other things, America is the only country in which a 17-year-old can set his hands on an AR-15, shoot three people, shed a few […]

NAM: The happy ceiling

One of the reasons I chose Yale was because I believed that it was home to one of the happiest college student bodies. Yet as […]

SAPRE: The wisdom of platitudes

Any good writer knows that the cardinal rule of writing is to eschew platitudes.  Budding writers, from a young age, are trained in the ways […]

YENILMEZ: Taken out of context

Since last year, I’ve grown more and more hesitant to discuss sensitive topics, such as democracy, religion, liberty and gender in the United States. I […]

ZHANG: Back on the swings

Pardon the politics, but that Tuesday night was rough. The last time Virginia- — my home state — voted for a Republican presidential candidate had […]

NAM: Baby Steps Home

During October break, Yale students relaxed, caught up on work and spent time with friends and family. Some went home for a few days of […]

SAPRE: Apropos of crapshoots

Two years ago, on the first of November, I sat at the dinner table with my parents and toasted to the culmination of 17 years […]