WANG: For crying out loud

In my first week of Zoom college, I attended a Yale Political Union debate on the topic, “Resolved: Sign the Harper’s Letter.” In the two […]


On Thursday, Feb. 24, University President Peter Salovey called for a Zoom vigil in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stating that he is […]

DOMINGUEZ: Intentional Spontaneity

Last year, I decided to study outside on Cross Campus nearly every week. One chilly Monday in November, two girls were throwing white frisbees. Others […]

NAM:Waiting On the World

When I was in high school, there was nothing I wanted more than to work part-time at a Subway or Chipotle — somewhere with one […]

BOLES: The View from “Nowhere”

Urbanity, most would say, is America with a capital “A.” Hubs of industry and culture, our cities are The Places-Where-Things-Happen. With roughly a third of […]

EDITORIAL: Goodbye, Dean Chun

After two of the college’s most trying years, Yale College is in desperate need of a dean who prioritizes student welfare. It was announced on […]

DOMINGUEZ: The Myth of Perfect Balance

Sleep, academics, social life: choose two. This is the first adage I heard before arriving at Yale. That’s stupid, I thought. I should be able […]

BOLES: Ethics of Pandemic Discourse

Full disclosure: I hate the trolley problem. Sorry, Philippa Foot. No one ever talks about it seriously anymore ever since it has cemented its place […]

YEO: What we forget

The pandemic induced in me a few stages of hysteria. First, denial (“it should be okay after a week or two, right?”). Then, resignation followed […]

DOMINGUEZ: The Generosity Remedy

“Going to Yale has made me a worse person.” This is the first sentence of Elijah Boles’s Op-Ed, “The generosity killer.” Throughout his article, he […]

WANG: Raise High the Roofbeams

It was not until classes started last week that I began to seriously ponder why I came to Yale. Of course, Yale’s excellence as a […]