ZHANG: Consider the Avocado

Anyone who has watched the Superbowl is acquainted with avocados well enough to know they hit a soft spot. Their mild, fatty richness fills but […]

YENILMEZ: Why aren’t we more scared?

  The Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia), a far right-wing party with neo-fascist roots, won the Italian elections a week ago. Giorgia Meloni, the party […]

SAPRE: A million secret lives

Most days, I am convinced that there are few lonelier places than my mind. To be clear, I don’t mind it here. Age and the […]

BOLES: Midway Upon the Journey

Halfway is a strange place to be. You have as much left ahead as you have behind. Maybe this motivates you, maybe it terrifies you. […]

NAM: Spread your legs like a man

Content warning: This piece contains references to sexual violence. The night was loud and sepia yellow. I lounged by the nightclub entrance, a glowing cigarette […]

MARKELS: What about the drought?

If I asked you to name the most recent severe weather event in Connecticut, would you say the Sept. 6 rainstorm? The one that lasted […]

ONGURU: Exit Interview

I return to my column in a flurry of emotion. While I am excited to pick up my pen again, a part of me fears […]

ZHANG: An Opinion About Opinions

One of opinion writing’s greatest boons is its straightforward process: you sit in front of a blank Word document, sift through some articles across the […]

SAPRE: For provocation’s sake

I have a big problem and her name is Elise. You may ask me who Elise is, but I cannot tell you the answer. She […]

EDITORIAL: Beraki ’24 for President, Li ’24 for Vice President

 The YCC elections today will be of a kind we haven’t seen in several years. In an uncontested race for the 2022-23 student executive board, […]

DUNSON: More than theory

Every morning, standing behind our desks, our heads held high and our small hands placed over our hearts, my elementary school peers and I chanted […]