NDUBISI & WARD: Black Yale in Focus

As part of this year’s Black History Month special issue, the News is working to highlight Black voices across our campus community. We spoke with five Black Yale students, who hail from various areas across the United States, about their experiences navigating Yale as Black students and maintaining their sense of authenticity.

GLICK: Over Apple’s Garden Walls

A college student’s holy trinity — iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. These three devices are the foundation of what we call the Apple Ecosystem. There are […]

EDITORIAL: Let student organizations keep their offices

The Yale Daily News Editorial Board calls upon the University to reconsider its decision to remove student organizations from their on-campus spaces at Crown Street […]

YEO: Lessons from flying standby

I come from a country with the world’s best airport, the world’s best airline and many people who consider themselves seasoned travelers. Singapore is a […]

KUPERMAN: The Day We All Became Ukrainians

“Ukrainians are crazy patriots,” my friend said to me as we ate together in Commons. “Germans, Poles, Russians — no one could keep them down. […]

DUNSON: Athletes and activism

I was thoroughly annoyed. Why my coach had asked me to watch “13th” –– a documentary about racism in the American carceral system –– when I […]

NDUBISI: A Defect of American Democracy

How did the esteemed upper chamber of the United States Congress descend into the dysfunctional dumpster fire known to us today as the United States […]

DOMINGUEZ: Seminar “English”

“The way Chaucer utilizes language to convey the complex sentiments of love and sex in conjunction with natural metaphors that are typically connotated with a […]

FLORES: That’s Not My Name

When I arrived at Yale for the first time since it closed to avert a pandemic disaster, I was relieved that I would return to […]

WALTHER-MEADE: Unity on our own terms

The perfect Latino for the American political campaign is the one who swoons at a botched “¡Si se puede!” from a candidate at a rally, […]

RAMIREZ: Machismo — Being Manly enough in Latin America

“Él es mi macho.” A phrase that seems harmless and is in this respect. However, the same cannot be said when a man completely embodies […]