Cross Campus Episode 6: Inside the Yale Admissions Machine

In this episode, we dive into what happens behind closed doors at the Yale Admissions Office. Listen in on an exclusive interview with Jeremiah Quinlan, […]

Cross Campus Episode 5: The Yale-Harvard Fiasco

The Yale-Harvard football game is one of most anticipated events, but this year, the tradition faces controversy. A four-hour ticket line nightmare, a Fenway park […]

Lux et Scientia Episode 1: Sandy Chang & “Introduction to the Profession”

Helena Lyng-Olsen profiles the man, the myth, the legend, Associate Dean for Science and Quantitative Reasoning Education Sandy Chang. Katherine Du reports on a mandatory […]

Cross Campus Episode 4: VOTE!

In this episode, we talk about the importance of voting in the upcoming midterm election on Tuesday. This election, which holds significance for millions of […]

Cross Campus Episode 3: Yale’s Affirmative Action Investigation and Mayor Harp’s FBI Probe

In this episode, we’ll be covering the alleged FBI corruption probe into New Haven Mayor Toni Harp’s administration and staffers. We’ll also be discussing the […]

Cross Campus Episode 2: Reporting on Saifullah Khan

This episode contains violent and sexually graphic language. In this episode, we’ll be covering the current status of 25-year-old senior Saifullah Khan, who went on […]

Cross Campus Episode 1: Yale’s Kavanaugh Crisis

In this first episode, we’ll be discussing Yale’s identity crisis as the institution and its students grapple with the recent sexual assault allegations against President […]