Silhouette E5: Logan George on Growing Up in Houston’s Gay Neighborhood

Logan George ‘25 talks with Suraj Singareddy ‘25 and Joanne Lee ‘26 about growing up in Montrose, Houston’s Gay Neighborhood, seeing Pride change over the […]

The Yalie Ep 15: Yale Students Respond To Affirmative Action Case

In this episode, Alejandro Rojas interviews Resty Fufunan about how Yale student groups are rallying in support of affirmative action, and Layan Nazzal takes cross […]

The Rundown E11: Introductions and the Value of Art

Chris Gumina ’26 and Owen Curtin ’26 introduce themselves and discuss the value of art. Listen for a scintillating conversation about Taylor Swift, throwing soup […]

Silhouette E4: Anabel Moore on Family, Academics, and Club Soccer

Julia Ilias ’25 sits down with Anabel Moore ’25 as they discuss youth sports, bad coaches and her future in medicine. This is the first […]

The Yalie Ep 14: Is It Time to Redirect Directed Studies?

In this episode, Nick Vilay sits down with Ariane De Gennaro while she reflects on her time in Yale’s Directed Studies program. Carter Dewees interviews […]

The Rundown E10: YVAC – Let’s Talk Art

Georgiana Grinstaff sits down with Ariel Kim and Audrey Kim, founders of the Yale Visual Artist Collective (YVAC), a new space for Yale’s visual art […]

Attune: Landslide

          This episode was produced by Sophia Lee, Laura Palacio Londono, Mitchell Davis, Elena Unger, and Liana Schmitter-Emerson, and it was […]

The Rundown E9: We’re Strictly Platonic

Georgiana Grinstaff sits down with members of Yale’s very own Strictly Platonic. Since forming in 2021, the indie band has performed concerts across campus, including […]

Attune: Comings and Goings

  This episode of Attune features three poems and a short story. The first poem is titled “Bunny Burrow.” It was written by Du Nghiem […]

The Yalie Ep 13: Get to Know Your New YCC President

  In this episode of the Yalie recorded on May 8th, 2022, Nick Vilay and Carter Dewees sit down with newly elected YCC President Leleda […]

The Yalie Ep 12: All About Ukraine with Oleksii Antoniuk

In this episode of the Yalie, Georgiana Grinstaff and Nick Vilay sit down with YDN Guest Columnist Oleksii Antoniuk and discuss his experience as a […]