A Conversation Piece

How Fake is Finsta, Really?

My finsta feed is almost a collective consciousness. A friend from home said it best when she commented, “I feel like this is a new plane of existence for our friendship to be on.” In a way, it is another plane of existence, one within a carefully curated group of followers, where friends from home can meet friends from Yale in the comments section.


Pane Politics

In the Calhoun College dining hall, high above tables where students sit engrossed in their food and conversation, five windowpanes are missing. In their places sit sheets of yellow glass. Walking out into the college’s common room, students might note that six more panels of glass have been replaced there too. One of the dining […]


The Busker

Call Me, Beep Me

The Mysterious MS 408

Staying in the LEED

In Kroon Hall, the toilets flush blue. Built in 2008 for $33.5 million, Kroon, the flagship of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, has a koi pond out front containing 25 types of native Connecticut plants that help recycle blue runoff water for the entire building’s use — including the bathrooms. During every […]

The Gist

REAL TALK with THE BLACK PANTHERS By Eric Boodman In 1969, Black Panther Alex Rackley was tortured and killed by other members of his party. The resulting trials, held in New Haven, sparked enormous antigovernment protests, including a May Day rally in 1970 on the Green. Yale opened its doors to the protesters, allowing them […]

The Nesting Instinct

With over 130,000 specimens, Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History is home to one of world’s largest collections of birds, eggs and nests. The collection resides deep in the heart of a brick Gothic building. The corridors leading to it are lined with fossils, a stuffed llama and dozens of photos of birds. Ornithology professor […]