PROFILE: Richard Prum’s Great Search

Richard Prum got his first pair of glasses in the spring of fourth grade. Near-sightedness directs a person’s attention inward, he says, so the glasses […]

FEATURE: Daniel Alarcón’s Americas

The morning Daniel Alarcón found out he won the MacArthur fellowship, he bought three pairs of sneakers. The other plans would come later, the more […]

PROFILE: The Magician and the Fool

When I ask the cashiers at Lambert Books—one of the oldest esoteric bookstores in London—if I might interview one of the store’s tarot readers, the […]

PROFILE: Christian Wiman’s Small, Stubborn Belief

Growing up in rural West Texas, Christian Wiman didn’t have much of a reason to question the faith for which he was named. “The roots […]

PROFILE: Shelly Kagan and The Making of a Public Philosopher

Every year Kagan’s “Introduction to Ethics” course draws over a hundred undergraduates; his Bulldog Days lecture causes Battell Chapel to overflow with prospective students. His recorded lectures on the philosophy of death have been viewed more than thirty million times in China, and his book based on that lecture series, Death (2012), was a national bestseller in South Korea. In a word, Shelly Kagan is the closest figure Yale has to a public philosopher.

PROFILE: Daring to Be Seen: How Christopher Betts Reimagines Life Through Art

Betts' shows convey the richness of Black life, undergirded by the belief that being able to see representations of ourselves fills a gap in our identity.

PROFILE: The Walk Along Prospect Street

The walk “down the hill” on Prospect Street from the Divinity School — the highest geographical point on Yale’s campus — to the School of […]

¡Viva Títeres! Manuel Morán’s “Invitation to Be”

In Puerto Rican puppeteer Manuel Morán’s “latinized” reimagination of Pinocchio, “Viva Pinocho! A Mexican Pinocchio,” “pregunatitis” — or “questionitis” — is a curiosity that proves […]

PROFILE: A Girl Worth Fighting For

Except for when she was sleeping, 9-year-old Mimi Chan did not spend a lot of time in her house in Orlando. After school, she would […]

PROFILE: Center Stage

The setting is San Francisco, Chinatown. The characters are Lauren Yee and her father, Larry Yee. On the stage are two large red double doors, […]

PROFILE: How Trey Phills found — and shared — his perspective

Fifteen minutes into my first face-to-face conversation with Trey Phills ’19 in three years, we started talking about a washing machine in Denmark. I met […]