To her Carillon

I sit across the subway car from me, my splayed fingers mask the jacket of the book in hand. An ace in our hole she […]


Feel my fingers and your fingers Mixing like the morning light With tingling drops of dew that linger. Feel my fingers and your fingers: When […]

Poem – Isis

She made him an omelet without breaking any eggs. He held the intact shells in one hand, ghostly As unbroken skin, hollow, Blue as air. […]

Poem – Bookmill

In Montague we ate fruit first. Downriver, pits we gave to the water eddied away and sank fast. The mill hosts parties, weddings, a bride […]

Poem – Buenos Aires

Winter had already come. I was reading Robert Lowell, whose ill-spirit sobbed in each blood cell. Nothing so fiercely felt, on my part. Each morning […]

Poem – Cursory

The crease below the palm is red from your wax sheet: the shape of a dragon, turned down to me— you press the picture to […]

Poem – Building a Monument

What he heard in the old age What he said to the long flat stones What he heard in the old age Reemerged, throwing coins […]