自己靠自己 (Do It Yourself)

Tiffany Ng Photo.
Inside Yale’s Alexandria

Take a drive all the way up Prospect Street, then hang a left where the road ends, then a right where it ends again. Keep […]

On Intimacy

See page 18 in the print magazine or on issuu for the full photo spread.  It was a late evening in September, and I ran […]

An Eye into Palestine

To understand the conflict, one has to first picture peace.

Why Hack?


The goal I had in mind was to capture a couple in their home and displace them through shadows, barriers—mirrors, walls, doors, windows—and visual geometries. […]

July Fourth

In the event of an apocalypse please — exit through the rear doors to the parking lot. Walk (do not run) along the shores of […]

I Heart Benedict Arnold

Seventy-five soldiers clad in knee breeches, scarlet waistcoats and either bearskin shakos or feathered chapeaux march three-by-three down the center of Church Street shouldering muskets […]

Shanghai to Henan

Despite China’s global reputation as a rapidly rising superpower, the everyday reality is a little rougher around the edges. In the bustling cities of Shanghai […]

Paris in Protest

In these pictures, taken last December on a trip to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, activists fight not only against climate […]

Textures of Life

I took these photos over the summer of 2015 while exploring my hometown, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. What struck me, and what I hope to convey in […]