Ten Thousand Trees

Sept. 22 I’ve always been a tree admirer, lover, protector, kisser, crier. The first time I drank too much, I cried for hours about the […]

Full of Wide Open Spaces

My roommate is from the City — which means she’s from New York City, and which, when you say it that way, means that you aren’t […]

Don’t Apologize In Wartime

I was in a guesthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa that had its own high white walls and electric sliding gate with four dogs, they barked […]


He lost five hundred dollars; I lost two hours. It’s impossible for me, as a rational person, to feel wronged. In Perth Amboy, and probably […]

Eli in India

Fort St. George stands at the center of the promenade reining in Marina Beach, a spectacular expanse of sand constituting the Indian coast in downtown […]

Round Trip

Jake and I were standing on the northbound platform. It was a raw October evening, six months into our biweekly New Haven-Princeton commutes, and as […]

I Majored In Field Trips (And So Can You!)

In the Namibian desert —­ the Fish River Canyon, to be exact — I pick up a small rock. I don’t know what it is. […]

Old Campus, New History

  There was once a little house here, in the middle of Old Campus. It builds itself in my mind. Then a garden and a […]

Sexual Fantasies and the Farming Is Easy

In the fluorescent-lit spaces and dark corners of the barn, I sought my sexual fantasy. It was here, waiting for me among the circle of […]

To Be Southern

The house is dark and quiet, peaceful in the predawn hours. I, however, am frantic. With mere minutes until my parents and I must leave, […]

Go Bulls

The ref blows his whistle. The moment has come. This is the C Hoops intramural basketball playoff semi-final. We are facing Berkeley, our archrival. We […]