POEM: All Longing Erased

PHOTO ESSAY: States of Abandon

PHOTO ESSAY: States of Abandon

Finding Panjo

“Panjo’s a tiger: orange fur, black stripes, intrusive thoughts. An actual tiger. But in 2012 or maybe ‘11 or maybe ‘13, Panjo began to dream."

MULTIMEDIA: Sounds of Yale

Yale is a sensory experience. So here is a collection of sounds that shape our experience as Yalies accompanied by the photos that represent the […]

PAINTING: Time Travel

Time Travel draws upon themes of reflection, regret, and reassurance. Depicted are four versions of myself: three of the present — or perhaps future — […]


Richard Hausman ’24 and Pradz Sapre ’24 “enjoying a lovely picnic.” A beige couch was set in the center of Cross Campus. A white table […]

AUDIO ESSAY: Yale Symphony Orchestra Halloween Show

Audio Transcript It is Oct. 21, I’m standing in the Grove Street Cemetery. This place is fascinating. It is the United States’ first planned cemetery, […]

AUDIO ESSAY: Listening For Home

In this audio essay, the narrator builds relationships with new cities by listening closely. He finds comfort in recurring sounds, connects with people through music, […]