Finding Panjo

“Panjo’s a tiger: orange fur, black stripes, intrusive thoughts. An actual tiger. But in 2012 or maybe ‘11 or maybe ‘13, Panjo began to dream."


Yesterday, I found a dead sparrow with/no legs, stump body left on Whitney street.

The Beginning of the War (from the Perspective of Lydia Fomenko)

On February 24 at 2 a.m., 32-year-old Lydia woke to the sound of a bomb hitting a building nearby her apartment in Odessa, “My heart went to my heels. There was smoke, and then light. It was the start of the war. We decided to leave the next morning."

Watching People, People Watching

The people we’re watching are watching. It has long since been remarked that this dynamic makes us perpetual performers, always on stage in front of […]

The In-Betweens

Bursting into the kitchen, in a twelve-year-old’s piercing soprano, I started a fervent reading of Wong Wai’s “Yearning” in Cantonese. My mom was unimpressed, even after my five-minute lecture on how, prosodically, Cantonese makes the poem that much more meaningful. Scoffing, she said: 「相思你識條鐵咩」 (loosely: “what the hell do you know about yearning?”). In that moment, though, I felt like I did know what it was like to yearn — for validity, if not anything else.

The Real Thing

"Look, though, you can play this quiet kit! / Crush these pedals like thirsty leaves beneath you / or tease them apart like the hairs of a handsome boy."

Yale’s Motion Pictures are Moving Again

While Meacham thinks film at Yale has made major strides in the past few years, he notes there is still progress left to be made to give Yale, “that flourishing, unified film culture that a place like this really deserves.”  Achieving this goal requires more centralization, cohesion, and funding.

College is a Joke: Who are the funniest people on Yale’s campus?

Jack Moffatt ‘25 is kind of tall, but he won’t say how tall. His hair is curly. His glasses are glasses. He can jump pretty […]

Kate’s Music Beat

In the pivotal scene of the 1989 rom-com Say Anything…, John Cusack’s character, Lloyd, raises a boombox above his head and blasts Peter Gabriel’s “In […]

Cut to the Chase

Hannah Han: My best friend goes to another school. In high school, we were extremely close and depended on each other, but now we hardly […]