The Beginning of the War (from the Perspective of Lydia Fomenko)

On February 24 at 2 a.m., 32-year-old Lydia woke to the sound of a bomb hitting a building nearby her apartment in Odessa, “My heart went to my heels. There was smoke, and then light. It was the start of the war. We decided to leave the next morning."

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Donations and the Curriculum

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy was extraordinary for several reasons. One of the reasons it was so distinctive is that the group of graduate […]

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As part of Yale’s distributional requirements, every student is required to take a foreign language. Students sometimes balk at the requirement, perhaps believing their four […]

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How did my words or actions make you feel? What do you wish I understood? What do you wish had happened instead? What do you […]

Reconsidering the Summer Internship

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When Logan Roberts ’23 told a teacher he was considering applying to Yale, she replied with three words: “Oh, that’s sweet.” Roberts grew up in […]

Anasthasia Shilov
FEATURE: The Struggle Against Fiction

Editors’ Note: This article contains discussion of sexual violence.    “Pure fiction… that is the nature of the comfort-women-sex-slave story.” —J. Mark Ramseyer, Japan Forward, […]