Face to Face With Mortality

Eric Li MED ’25 and his three lab partners stared at the coffin-sized metal box. The steel glinted beneath the lights, austere and impenetrable. Through his mask, Li inhaled the faint, familiar smell of formaldehyde.

At Home in the Oriental Pantry

The rows of hoisin sauce, stacks of instant ramen, and arrays of teaware at Yoon-ock’s grocery store, Oriental Pantry, rival the inventory of an H […]

Genevieve Kim, Contributing Photographer
Staying Home to Write: Talking Process with Sheila Heti

“In the missing of the mark,” Heti reasons, “the literary interest happens.” She makes a distinction between the books that imitate the novel and the one that imitates life itself. Her own novels, I think, belong to the latter category. 

At the Heart of Things: Yale’s Life at the Cemetery

"The dead shall be raised... if Yale ever needs the property."

The Beginning of the War (from the Perspective of Lydia Fomenko)

On February 24 at 2 a.m., 32-year-old Lydia woke to the sound of a bomb hitting a building nearby her apartment in Odessa, “My heart went to my heels. There was smoke, and then light. It was the start of the war. We decided to leave the next morning."

FEATURE: New Haven on the Mend

FEATURE: Figures of Speech

FEATURE: Finding Home

FEATURE: Protest and Progress

Donations and the Curriculum

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy was extraordinary for several reasons. One of the reasons it was so distinctive is that the group of graduate […]

FEATURE: Trust Your Guts

As part of Yale’s distributional requirements, every student is required to take a foreign language. Students sometimes balk at the requirement, perhaps believing their four […]