Poetry – Paris Gathering, 1962

The champagne we chilled right in the courtyard, buried the bottles in the snow in clusters of four according to their size and color: full […]

Poem – A Mexican Divorce

My mother came down to breakfast one day said I want a fireplace my father said why she said I want to return to La […]

Keepin’ the faith

“The faith-based initiative is not about a single faith. In this country we’re great because we’ve got many faiths, and we’re great because you can […]

A note from the editors

We descended the narrow staircase into the darkened basement of the Briton Hadden Memorial Building, grim and determined. The derelict darkroom still smelled of photography […]

The Untidy Life: Bones

After lunch on Wednesdays I catalogue monkey bones. I have catalogued quite a variety of bones: white bleached bones, yellow greasy bones, brown crusted bones. […]

Exploration Diaries: The lingerie show

Tonight, the Silliman common room is almost unrecognizable. The couches and chairs have been carted off and stored elsewhere; the rugs have been rolled up […]

How can this wine be so bad? Experts unveil the mystery

The vintage is a Lost Vineyards red. I lift the glass to my nose and inhale deeply. The bouquet is questionable, but I’m not going […]

Editor’s note

As I returned to Yale from winter break, I was greeted by frigid weather, broken dorm plumbing and, most alarmingly, a new suitemate. Affable and […]

From Gutter to Gala

A new year is upon us and with it the expectation of self-improvement. Another three semesters and I’ll be out on my own, expected to […]

Sign me up?

Contrary to popular (read: my) belief, it turns out that “joining the United States Army” does not immediately translate to “picking up a rifle, getting […]

Only You Can Prevent Humiliation

There are two inherent design flaws in a Smokey the Bear costume. First, the eyes are in the snout, severely limiting one’s vision. Second, there […]