自己靠自己 (Do It Yourself)

Tiffany Ng Photo.
PAINTING & ESSAY: On Finishing Touches

LAND ART: 40.6949° N, 74.0017° W

  Witnessing the first snowfall of the year in New York City was magnificent and humbling, especially for a kid from Texas. Time seemed to […]

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Fractured Identity

  “Fractured Identity” is an artwork that represents the struggles of finding, knowing and recognizing the self. Here, each line seems separate from the whole, […]

PAINTINGS: “Wrath” & “He Told Me to Do It”

  — A three-eyed, 6-foot, human-crushing demon — painted on my parents’ 18th-century Tibetan scroll — has been the centerpiece of our dining room since […]

Painting in Fragments


A year ago today, I placed a wooden sculpture on the New Haven Green. At the time, I was doing an independent study centred on […]

My Son is in a Cage

During my sophomore year, one of my best friends was charged with 22 years in prison for a nonviolent LSD offense. After that, I began […]

Who is She?

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