God and Man at Play

Every day is a chance for God to fill us with mercy, give us wisdom and encourage parents to mutilate their newborn son’s penis (Exodus 12:43–49). But before He can decide the fate of mankind, He must deal with a far more important task: picking the winner of sports games.

The Salubrious Benefits of Your Donut Addiction

Maybe you were dragged in post-Woads by the sweaty, black Sharpie X’d hand of a friend. Maybe you raced in after tracking Kevin G’s location on the Ivy League Snapchat Story. Or maybe you already downloaded the app and are making laudable progress on your loyalty card. Whatever the context, I am sure you have your own collection of sweet memories at 290 York.

Otis Baker
If Millennials Aren’t the Most Self-Obsessed Generation, Then Why Hasn’t Anyone Liked My Instagram Yet?

What kind of a friend would leave another hanging out to dry like this, over seven full minutes after uploading the seventh photo in today’s 11-photo series of my dog, Septimus?

Freshman Power Ranking

Welcome to Yale, class of 2020! Read on for the first installment of the Freshman Power Ranking. 1. Chester P. Farnam, JE ’20 When Chester P. […]

Official 2016–17 YDN Mag Drinking Game

(1 shot) for every complaint about Directed Studies (1) each time a freshman asks how to find the Saybrook dining hall (1) per tourist who […]

Growing Pains

Romeo and Juliet may be a classic, but it screwed up my concept of love. I’ll spell it out for you. You have your Montagues […]

If Yale Were Hogwarts, We’d All Be in Gryffindor and Still Hate JE

Few sentences evoke such passionate responses as the campus adage, “Yale is just like Hogwarts!” The same axiom that attracts starry-eyed high school seniors to […]

Yale Students Eating in the Schwarzman Center Cannot Correctly Identify the Face of Stephen Schwarzman

Imagine the Schwarzman Center. But first, imagine the man.

Petrarch Scrolls Through Tinder to Find Laura 700 Years Later

O Laura! Would that you’d swipe right on me — That I might read that blessed “It’s a Match!” And on seeing my likeness, your […]

How to Have a Perfect ABC Family Thanksgiving

No one does holidays like ABC Family. Best known for its annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming, the network’s wholesome values and light conflict can […]

This Makes Me Sad

In 1991, Purdue sociologist Scott Feld discovered the Friendship Paradox: statistically, your friends are more popular than you. That is, on average, your friends have […]