¿Latinx, Latine, Hispanic — Que?

The terminology used to describe people of Latin American or Hispanic descent has become increasingly confusing for people in the Latinx community and others alike. 

Welcome to the Lifting Up Latinx Identity special issue!

We are thrilled to showcase content centered on Latinx members of our community — including profiles, spoken word poetry, photography and illustrations.

Mamá’s Song

This poem is dedicated to my mom, a strong, resilient and beautiful woman from Michoacán, Mexico.

Niña Mezclada

My parents son de un rancho en mi lindo Michoacán.

FOLEY: Tio Time: Latin Family Orientedness vs. American Individualism

Every Mexican has a tio who they aren’t quite sure is their tio — biologically, at least.

PRADO: A land of tomorrows stuck in yesterdays

Latin America has a complicated relationship with democracy, filled with plot twists, unbelievable comebacks of dictatorships, and a lack of democratic political culture.

Watercolor of Latin American disaster relief

Latinx professors at Yale break barriers in STEM

Martha Muñoz, Enrique M. De La Cruz and Daniel Colón Ramos reflect on their journeys in science academia and emphasize commitments toward increasing diversity and representation in education.

La Herencia

The News' illustrations editor reflects on his cover art for the Latinx Heritage Month special issue.

Seven Latinx athletes talk heritage and representation in sports

Latinx students, who make up just 4 percent of Yale Athletics, described their experiences of joy and pride while representing their cultures across Yale Athletics.

La Casa showcases Latinx voices and talents

Over family weekend, the LatinXcellence Showcase welcomed dancers, comedians, poets and other performers to showcase all mediums of Latinx art as La Casa celebrates Latinx Heritage Month.