FOSTER: Searching for my Latinidad

Apparently, I’m Latine But that part of my heritage is lost. So I feel a little disingenuous… How can I claim what I do not […]

Welcome to the Living Latinidad special issue!

Aló, hola y bienvenidos a todos to the News’ Living Latinidad special issue. We want to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate Latine voices during this month and wish that everyone had a happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

At 18 percent, class of 2027 has highest Latine population in Yale history

With a growing Latine population in the Yale student body, several campus groups and clubs told the News they have more students interested in joining, prompting asks for more funding.

DOMINGUEZ: What does it mean to have Latine representation?

I finally watched “Jane the Virgin.”  I know the series released nine years ago. I know it has a predominantly Latine cast, an accomplishment for […]

CESTERO: On being Puerto Rican

When I moved from Puerto Rico to Miami, I never thought I’d spend so much time clarifying something as simple as my phone number. Miami […]

RIBERO PASCARELLI LOPES: A nation submerged in flames and suffocated by silence

What comes to mind when you think of the Amazon? One may think of luscious jungles filled with colorful birds and animals. Some might imagine […]

Latine dance studios flourish in New Haven

As Latine Heritage Month comes to an end, the city’s Latine dance studios continue to flourish, grow and reflect on the significance of Latine culture in the New Haven community.

LATINExcellence showcase highlights Latine student artists

The third annual LATINExcellence Showcase featured visual art and performances from a myriad of original student artists and organizations.

Danza Andina: Yale’s first Andean dance group

Yale’s newest Latine dance group, Danza Andina, brings the rich traditions of Andean dance to campus.

Ay! Arepa returns to Broadway after seven-year hiatus

The popular food truck has now opened a physical location on the Broadway Island, replacing Bulldog Hotdogs.

La Casa kicks off Latine Heritage Month celebrations

Yale’s Latine cultural center will host several signature events in honor of Latine Heritage Month from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.