A Lasting History: Yale confronts racism in past and present

In the past two years, Yale has been forced to grapple more directly with its ties to slavery and racism.

Chun’s academic agenda

Under the tenure of Dean Marvin Chun, Yale College saw the end of shopping period, the expansion of Credit/D/Fail, and struggles in the advising system.

Yale endowment soars to record $42.3 billion

Following record endowment growth, the University has unveiled new spending commitments and curbed its international investments.

Gage resignation sparks University-wide discourse on academic freedom

The professor’s decision to leave Grand Strategy left administrators and colleagues grappling with the meanings of academic freedom.

Supreme Court, federal courts to hear cases that could end affirmative action

This year, the Supreme Court is set to review cases against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill that could end affirmative action […]