How campus evolved over COVID

After two academic years heavily affected by the pandemic, campus in the 2021-2022 academic year saw a multitude of changes for new and returning Yalies.

Students return to campus at full capacity

A combination of shifting COVID-19 policies and first-day-of-school flooding cast uncertainty over beginning of school activities.

Yale’s art scene roars back after COVID-19 hiatus

Read highlights from Yale’s reinvigorated arts scene this year.

Winter Woes: University scrambles to deal with Omicron surge before students leave for break

Novel variant, Omicron, shakes up University plans prompting shifts in final exam administration, meal distribution, testing policies, and more.

Students face heavy housing shortages and last-minute changes

As alums observe a decline in Yale’s residential college communities, the class of 2024 faced severe shortages in the housing process this past spring, forcing many to live off-campus or be annexed in other colleges.