PATHAK: Feel this Moment

My hands were full.  I was holding my head back, trying to make sure that no part of the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie I had […]

BOLES: Experiencing the magical kingdom

In most ways, Yale is nothing like real life.  In real life, you aren’t packed like sardines into dorms that house the world’s foremost future […]

SCHORR: A Yalie’s Guide to Freshman Friendships

“We should totally get coffee sometime!” It’s Tuesday afternoon and you’ve just run into someone you vaguely remember meeting at a party – a friend […]

CHOI: Worth the Wait

Have you waited for so long that one morning, you wake up to realize it’s what you become? After I decided to take a gap […]

GONZALEZ: The True College Experience

My parents told me that college was a place where I could meet like-minded people and form lasting connections. My teachers told me college was […]

LI: Congrats Poor People

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when Yale students were all told not to return to campus for the rest of the spring semester, […]

MARKELS: College is Crazy

The best thing I did for myself to prepare for college was admit that I had no idea what I was doing. As the type […]