NDUBISI: You belong here

In its continued rightward march, the Thomas Court’s rulings on affirmative action have made the dream of college harder for students of color, especially at […]

ORR: Any hopes and dreams?

If you have ever studied in “the Stacks,” the upper floors of Yale’s Sterling Library, you have no doubt seen the notes: “We lie best […]

SINGH: Why Directed Studies?

The spring before I matriculated, I took the Amtrak down to New Haven for a funeral. The day before the service, I had dinner in […]

Past and upcoming campus celebrity sightings

Coming off a year of many famous speaker events, this upcoming academic year already has new speaker events lined up.

FroCos win full room and board after petitioning for higher salaries

After first-year counselors sent their petition to the University, administrators increased compensation for FroCos to include the full cost of room and board.

After more than three decades of organizing, Yale’s graduate student union won recognition last January

Local 33, the graduate and professional student union, received 91 percent support in its official union election, triggering the beginning of contract negotiations with Yale and joining Locals 34 and 35 as recognized Yale unions.

“Yale:” from Myth to Memory

On Aug. 21, 2022, I stepped onto Yale’s campus as an official Yale student. Ever since getting into Yale in April, introducing myself as an […]

A very reliable ranking of the residential colleges

It’s been a few weeks since the class of 2027 got the email assigning them to their residential colleges.  For the first years, now begins […]

Home away from home

I open my eyes as the sun shines through the small, round window of my ninth floor dorm room. (Yes, I know, I live on the ninth floor of a building. Yes, we do have an elevator; no need to worry.) I have come to embrace Bingham Hall. I especially love the people, and living in such an enchanting building has made adapting much easier. I’m filled with joy every time I walk out the glamorous doors of one of the tallest residential buildings on campus. 

View from Bingham Hall
Against advice

Yalies — especially the older ones — love to offer advice. The pretentious ones might even refer to it as imparting wisdom. That’s all well […]

Puppies, you’re in luck

It’s hard to envision Yale without distortion: to see the beauty of Sterling Memorial Library without remembering long nights spent finishing essays at ungodly hours; […]