Bill Clinton woos voters with reminiscence about 1990s

AMANA, Iowa, 4:26 p.m. — Bill Clinton is 26 minutes late. He was supposed to arrive in Amana at 4 o’clock to address a crowd […]

Students for Rudy co-chair touts ’50-state’ strategy

IOWA CITY, Iowa, 1:17 p.m. — “This is how we keep the volunteers in line,” Students for Rudy Giuliani National Co-Chair Jimmy Centers jokes as […]

In Iowa, political heat fails to melt icy roads

ROUTE I-80, Iowa – I never thought I would find myself here, but lo and behold, I am now between Davenport (definitely not the college) […]

Edwards counting on rural counties in countdown to caucuses

IOWA CITY, Iowa, 11:33 a.m. — Mike Juntunen didn’t go home for Christmas. No, the 26-year-old University of Iowa freshman was busy spreading his own […]

“O”-mentum or no-mentum?

IOWA CITY, Iowa, 9:34 AM – The buzz across Iowa this morning is the new Des Moines Register poll released last night. Matt is on […]

Bobby Gravitz ’05 and the Gitmo Room

DES MOINES, Iowa, 7:37 PM – “This is the main planning room,” Bobby Gravitz ’05 tells me as he sweeps his arm across a field […]

At Obama’s Iowa HQ, a ‘swamp’ is born

DES MOINES, Iowa, 7:15 PM – The floor of Senator Barack Obama’s Des Moines Iowa headquarters is soaked. Two canvassers walk in wearing thick-soled North […]

Candidates pass over small-town Iowan Yalies

YALE, Iowa, 2:21 p.m. — George Dorr has been driving tractor trailers for 60 years – “Since I was twenty-something,” he says. Now six months […]

Political junkies battle boredom, swap stories on back wall

PERRY, Iowa, 12:32 p.m. — The back wall of a political event is a little like a fraternity. Photographers and reporters lean against the wall, […]

Rallying crowd with sense of urgency, Obama calls ’08 a ‘defining moment’

PERRY, Iowa, 12:10 p.m. — Perry, Iowa is a small town of 7,000 at the intersection of Iowa highways 141 and 144. The main drag […]

Obama hopes for Willie Mays, gets Dick Cheney

PERRY, Iowa, 12:10 PM – Perry, Iowa is a little town of 7,000 at the intersection of Iowa highways 141 and 144. The main drag […]