NHSO opens music director’s final season

On Thursday night in Woolsey Hall, the New Haven Symphony Orchestra will open its 125th season, and the symphony orchestra’s music director, William Boughton will […]

Scenes from The Game

Yale Pundits release statement. After cringing through the recently released On Harvard Time “Beat Yale” video, the Yale Pundits has decided that pranking Harvard would […]

Days are numbered. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking estimates that humans have only 1,000 years left on earth. According to CBS, Hawking warned that humanity […]

Snapchat goes public. According to Bloomberg, Snapchat filed paperwork for an initial public offering Tuesday. The IPO is expected to raise up to $4 billion, […]

White House correspondent dies. Gwen Ifill, a PBS NewsHour co-anchor who also moderated vice presidential debates and covered eight presidential campaigns, died at the age […]

Supermoon 2016. Last night’s moon was allegedly the largest and brightest witnessed in 69 years, orbiting nearly 20,000 miles closer to the Earth than on […]

Transition begins. President-elect Donald Trump met with President Barack Obama Thursday at the White House. Obama said he felt encouraged that Trump seemed eager to […]

Corey Menafee: Back to Work

  Everyone is waiting for Corey Menafee. I can see my breath in the air, and the wind is unrelenting, but no one is leaving. The facade […]

Protests begin. Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators marched from New York City’s Washington Square Park to Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue yesterday. Once outside, attendees burned […]

2016 election by the numbers: Yale