Unprecedentedly yours,

Post-March 2020 was full of “unprecedented” moments. It was the year when shirts and pajama shorts became a fit, thanks to online meetings. Second, there […]

Back in undergrad…

As I write this piece — my last one ever for the Yale Daily News — I am lounging outside at an Airbnb in Cape […]

To the Class of 2028

To the Class of 2028, Hey! It’s me, your Great Aunt Ella. God, it’s good to connect! You’ve been SO BUSY with school and clubs […]

Something to Say

This piece was written for the Class Day Anthology, which was distributed to graduates at Class Day on May 19th, 2024. During my first year […]

Senior Year at Yale: Bucket Lists, Google Calendar and Firsts

I love my Google Calendar. Throughout my time at Yale, this instrument has been the avenue by which I have made my life here — […]

To Maja

Finding love — not even a soulmate — gets harder as you get older. I never realized I found both until it was all gone. […]