Senior infographic 2022

On my last day as a Yale student, the sun set at 4:26 p.m. I started Yale in 2017 and should have graduated in May […]

My First Yale ID

As I packed up my freshman year dorm room this month, I sorted through accumulated knick-knacks, tossing some into a box I would leave in […]

Yale Places I’ve Cried

If you’ve met me, you probably know that I cry a lot. Most times, it’s a single tear shed while reading the ending of a […]

Now Is a Better Time Than Spring Fling

I had been looking forward to Spring Fling long before I first stepped foot on campus. It was by far the Yale tradition that popped […]

I write because words are broken

Language defines everything, yet it captures nothing — it will never be enough, yet it is all we have.  When words are the lifeblood of […]


During spring 2018, I got so depressed that I holed myself up in my room for a month and only came out to watch my […]

Alignment chart
Yale as a Marvel Movie: The Last Four Years

For decades, Yale has inspired stories. The hallowed halls of this institution serve as a muse for generations of creative thinkers, sparking popular shows, movies, […]

“Stay in School”: Why Nicki Minaj is the Best Commencement Speaker There Never Was

Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States and former Vice President of the United States, gave the 2015 commencement speech. The year before that, […]